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Timeless Grace and Beauty of Jaipuri Fabrics

Maharajas’ Express takes you on a rich and historical journey to Rajasthan, where vibrant, lively fabrics and carpets are available which modern shoppers love to explore. Travelers from all over the world visit the famous cities in Rajasthan to adore  these traditionally designed fabrics, and with Maharajas’ express luxury train, you can easily do that too. plz share

India is known for producing gorgeous and colorful textiles, as the country’s fabric-making traditions date back to centuries. A printed clothing made by an artisan portrays centuries of passion, sweat and toil. If you’re visiting India in the hope of taking back bundles of artisan-made clothing, you should set aside a good amount of time for fabric and carpet shopping in Jaipur. The capital of Rajasthan is rightfully famous for its hand-woven, block-printed and dyed fabrics, made by people having skilled craftsmanship.

Tours in Rajasthan, jewelry manufacturing, gemstone cutting and luxurious textile businesses have contributed immensely towards Jaipur’s economy. The city offers an exclusive range of premium quality block print fabrics, bed sheets and handiwork carpets. The different kinds of fabrics and carpets of Jaipur include:

Bagru Fabrics

Bagru printing is an intrinsic part of the history, culture and heritage of Rajasthan. The Bagru village in Rajasthan has given birth to this ethnic block printing technique that now dominates even international ramp walks. The century old practice of block painting developed when the Chippa community migrated to the Sanjaria river because of their requirement of mud water during the printing process. Now, even though the river has dried up, a small ‘Chippa Mohalla’ or artisan’s quarter is still located next to it.

The famous Bagru designs are created by immersing the fabric in a hard solution, extracted from plants that are typically found in some parts of Rajasthan. The fabric is then dried in blistering heat, then placed atop tables and slabs where wooden blocks with carvings are used for printing on the fabric.

Sanganeri Fabrics

Sanganeri is a hand-block printing technique that has originated in Sanganer, a town situated in south of Jaipur. Sanganeri prints are famous for their delicate floral sprigs, and Calico printed saris, quilts and bed covers. In Calico printing, the outline is printed first and then the color is filled in. Block printing is natural, eco-friendly and the oldest beautification method of fabrics. Wooden blocks are first designed on paper and then carved by block makers. This is the most traditional form of hand block printing process.

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Carpets and rugs of Rajasthan are also quite popular and are well known for their hand-knotted woolen fibers. Jaipur, Bikaner and Ajmer are the main centers of this traditional craft. Carpets were first manufactured in the 17th century in Rajasthan, when weavers from Afghanistan settled in the royal ateliers. Since then, the art has flourished because of its high-spirited colors and geometric motifs.