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Travel Guide for Your Golden Triangle of India Tour with The Maharajas’ Express

Connecting the three golden points on India’s most popular tourist circuit, the Golden Triangle tour exudes a colourful exuberance; leaving tourists awestruck. It is no wonder then that most tourists who are travelling to India for the first time opt for this well-designed route. Home to some of the country’s most iconic monuments and heritage […]

Book India’s Iconic Golden Triangle Tour on The Maharajas’ Express Train

The meandering lanes of old Delhi, the breathtakingly beautiful Taj Mahal and the larger than life palaces of Jaipur, the Golden Triangle circuit captures the bonafide elegance of India like no other. Welcoming globetrotters from different corners, India’s Golden Triangle tour is a must for those who want to relish the imperial grandeur and rich […]

Book the Most Luxurious Golden Triangle of India Tour Package & Unlock Exciting Offers

Venturing to explore India as a tourist for the first time? There’s no better circuit than the Golden Triangle of India, the most popular tourist circuit that connects the cities of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. The “Golden Triangle itinerary” takes travellers to the medieval city of Agra situated on the banks of river Yammuna and […]