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Experience royalty on the go with Maharajas’ Express

The Maharajas’ express brings you the opportunity to uncover India like a true Indian maharaja and to explore the historic, cultural, and architectural treasures. The cultural heritage of India is rich and diverse with a fascinating blend of art, philosophy, music, handicraft, dance, language, and cuisine worth experiencing. The Maharajas’ Express recreates the lifestyle of […]

Book the Best Culture & Heritage Tours in India

From its northernmost peaks to its Southernmost tip, India is a country blessed with fascinating historic sites, making it the perfect destination for culture and heritage tours. With world-famous tourist attractions and a wealth of cultural experiences, a heritage tour of India is nothing short of a magical holiday. With so much to witness and […]

4 Reasons Why Heritage Trains in India Like The Maharajas’ Express are The Next Big Thing in Tourism

The world will never be the same again but our quest to quench the wanderlust in a post-Covid world will take us to places that are safe and hospitable. With the tourism industry evolving itself to suit contemporary needs, heritage trains in India may become more popular than ever before. As we shift towards experience-driven […]