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Jaipur- the Land of Vibrant Art

The following blog talks about the ancient art of textile designing in Jaipur and also explains about the art of jewelry making and cutting and polishing of gemstones.

Jaipur is popularly known as the Pink City and its iridescence has charmed travelers and tourists from all over the globe. Jaipur is the largest city of the largest Indian state, Rajasthan and amidst all the arid deserts of Rajasthan, Jaipur stands out like a scintillating gem.

Jaipur Tour Luxury Train

The city of Jaipur also has a rich past and that is reflected in its grand architecture, vivid bazaars, majestic forts and opulent palaces. The splendorous Pink City is included in all the luxury train tours of Maharajas’ Express and we acquaint our royal guests not only with its multitude of lands but also with the hidden treasures of its heritage.

We take our guests on a special excursion where they can observe the intricacies of polishing and cutting of gem stones in Jaipur. India has been one of the first few makers of fashionable jewellery and the land of Jaipur since ancient times has been a hub for cutting and polishing of precious stones and even has a legacy of jewelry making. This ancient art of jewelry making was brought in by Mughals and has been striving in the Pink City ever since. This activity makes our Jaipur luxury tours unique and more exciting than plain sight-seeing tours.

Jaipur Tour Luxury Train

One can truly call Jaipur as a land of vibrant art because besides cutting and polishing of gemstones, it is also known for its ancient art of textile designing. Some of these techniques have been passed on by Mughal dynasty, for instance the art of Zardozi is prevalent in Jaipur. This ancient art involves sewing with a golden thread. The golden thread is made by ductile gold and before being admired by tourists this technique was really popular among Maharajas’ and nobles and was used to embellish royal apparels.

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In lands of Rajasthan, Zardozi further evolved in to Gota Patti or Gota embroidery. This art originated in Rajasthan and is still very popular in Jaipur. This involves appliqué technique and small pieces of golden threads and ribbons are sewn at the borders of the fabric to create wonderful patterns. Such fabrics fill the vast bazaars of Jaipur with hues and our guests can enjoy these in exclusive shopping tours with our luxury train trips.

Jaipur is also famous for the traditional woodblock printing; it is one of the oldest forms of textile designing and involves creating beautiful patterns using engraved pieces of wood. This simple technique takes a lot of times and is carried out meticulously. It is popular in many part of the country and is used to make elaborative borders. Bandhani art is also one of the traditional unique techniques of textile designing and is carried out through plucking the cloth with fingernails in a figurative design.

To match the elegance of these outfits, one can also go for vivid lacquer bangles that are easily available in any bazaar. Besides, the rugs of Jaipur are famous not only all over India but are also imported to different countries. This city can give you experiences which are rarely seen before, apart from art it is also one the leading manufacturers of artificial limb which are famously known as Jaipur leg.

Maharajas’ Express can promise you a vacation of lifetime and to know more about our enthralling odysseys and luxury train tours to Jaipur you can visit our official site.