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Add The ‘Epic’ Factor To Your Travels

As conscious beings, we humans have an insatiable appetite for exploration, whether it is in the realm of science or imagination. We seek new things, and one of the best ways to explore new things is to travel to destinations that lie beyond our daily scope of activities; destinations that provide welcome breaks from the […]

Exploring the Blue City of Jodhpur

The ancient city of Jodhpur, set against the stunning landscape of Thar, has an almost mystical feel to it. No doubt, it has caught the fancy of many wandering souls who penned colourful poetries and some fascinating stories with majestic Jodhpur as the imposing backdrop. There was a time when the blue buildings of this […]

The Red Fort Beckons From Afar!

Before we start off, let’s break the legendary myth- sightseeing is Agra is just not limited to the Taj Mahal! No doubt, Taj is one of the most popular and enchanting places to explore in Agra. But, when we say ‘one of the’, we really mean it! The sights and sounds of this historical city […]

Travel Like Royalty – The Virtual Way!

In the fast pace of scheduling our lives, many experiences pass us by without us having had the chance to glimpse what those missed chances held in store. Now, with the advent of technology bringing all the experiences of the world within our reach, there is ample scope to check out the vision before planning […]

Surprises galore on The Maharajas’ Express!

The large bouquet of Indian aesthetics is borne out by the multitude of art forms that emanate from the highly varied cultures that coexist in this vast country. From music to the spoken word, to intricate dances like Kathak (which originates from the storytelling traditions of northern India), each region has a kind of artistic […]

Ultimate Sights & Unimaginable Experiences Abound in Rajasthan

When Rajasthan became the largest state of India after Madhya Pradesh was bifurcated, it was just another factoid that got appended to the long, long list of specialties of this desert state of India. To begin with, since time immemorial, Rajasthan has been battling the natural forces of the Thar desert on its west side. […]

The Great Indian Blog Train- A Thrilling Journey Like Never Before!

The Maharajas’ Express has garnered quite a reputation with its popular ‘Indian Blog Train’ campaign. Renowned bloggers from all across the globe were invited to partake in this enthralling joy ride. They came, they saw, and were evidently conquered by the grand beauty of incredible India. This is what they had to say about this […]

Luxury Tourism in India- A Grand Expedition with The Maharajas’

All those who wander are not lost, and you will not be lost either, as you set out to explore India, the ‘land of diversities’. Diversity Defines India A major tourist destination in the world and a globetrotter’s ‘first love’, India has plenty to offer to its visitors. From snow-white mountains to golden beaches, from […]

The Magic of Indian Rails- An Ode to the Maharajas’ Express

When was the last time you marveled at the sight of a ‘moving’ landscape and experienced transcendental joy? As a child, we would often think that the freestanding world seemed to move backwards at a lightning speed as we sat motionless inside the train compartment and curiously gazed outside through the open window. Well, the […]

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