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Enchanting Rajasthan- Land of Hues and Melodies

The following blog talks about the music of Rajasthan. It informs the readers about the different forms of music popular that the rural population of Rajasthan enjoys

The Heritage of India

India, the land of many colors, has also been blessed with a plethora of diverse cultures. Each Indian state offers an altogether different experience in cuisines, tradition, historical richness and even music. Indian music has always had a soulful feel to it and folk music of various Indian states have garnered global recognition.

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Rajasthan, the land of iridescent bazaars is also known for its melodies and symphonies. It has been home to number of renowned classical singing groups which are popularly known as ‘Gharana’. These groups or “gharanas” are actually families and brethrens who have passionately indulged classical singing.

One of the most famous “gharana” of India is from the majestic state of Rajasthan and is called Jaipur Gharana which was founded by Ustad Ghulam Ahmad “Alladiya” Khan(1855-1946). Jaipur Gharana is one of the four famous Indian gharanas that practice khyal singing which is modern variation of Indian classical singing. Jaipur gharana is known for practicing its own unique form of “gayaki” or singing which was invented by Ustad Ghulam Ahmad Khan who lost his voice and developed a different and refreshing style to overcome his ailment.

Rajasthan is a culturally enriched state and even Rajasthani women entertain themselves by singing the age old Panihari songs which lyrically describe their house hold chores and are usually centered around the archaic practice of drawing water from the wells. Panihari songs are still a significant part of the Rajasthani women living in villages.

In India, traditional music is more than just a form of entertainment and has been popularized as a medium to strengthen the bond between different communities and families. This ancient practice led to the custom of singing Kanhaiya Geet. Kanhaiya Geet is a group song which is sung by the rural people of eastern Rajasthan. Different communities from neighboring villages even participate in Kanhaiya Dangal which is a singing tournament and is whole heartedly enjoyed by the local populace.

Singing and Dancing have always been an integral part of Rajasthani culture and the state is also famous for its folk dances such as Kalibeliya which originated from Udaipur. The dance has gained international recognition and one of its exponents, Gulabo Sapera, has now become a household name, synonymous with grace and culture.

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