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Witness the Beauty of Taj Mahal on IRCTC’s Maharajas’ Express Train

One of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal in Agra is a saga of eternal love that attracts travellers from the remotest corners of the world. A lot has been said and written about its ethereal beauty but nothing compares to standing in front of this white marbled monument and experiencing its magnificence. Located on the bank of river Yamuna, the Taj Mahal is no ordinary structure but a magical vision that has come to life! It is believed to be the most alluring early in the morning when it is relatively quiet and the Taj gets shrouded in gentle mists against the backdrop of a red and gold sky. The moods of this iconic monument vary from dawn to dusk. For any tourist who is visiting India for the first time, the Taj Mahal is usually on top of the list of things to see.

History of the Taj Mahal

Appearing in almost all literature about India, the Taj Mahal derives its name from the Persian language wherein taj’ means crown and ‘mahal’ means palace. Interestingly, it is dedicated to the beautiful queen Mumtaz Mahal whose name also means ‘crown of the palace.’ According to one legend, it took 20 years for the construction of this gigantic monument as emperor Shah Jahan invited artisans from as far as Italy and Persia to create this work of art. Enveloped in a tale of mystery and mystique, it is a must-visit site in India.

Not that India has any dearth of tourist attractions. From places of abundant natural beauty to heritage sites, our incredible country has been blessed with treasures that sprawl across its entire length and breadth. Some of the most famous ones include Ajanta Caves luxury tours, Heritage tours of Ajanta, Rajasthan luxury tours, Kerala vacations, Agra luxury tours, etc. The most enjoyable way to witness India’s myriad charms is through a train journey that will take tourists through real India. While the big cities and gleaming metropolises have their attractions, it is often said that real India lives in its villages. If you want to explore India like never before, then you must travel aboard the award-winning luxury train, The Maharajas Express by IRCTC. A unique train, it takes travellers to the very heart of India in complete comfort while covering some of the most significant tourist destinations including the Taj Mahal. The train offers 4 bespoke journeys, each one more exciting than the other. Take a look below!

  • The Indian Splendour (7 Days/ 6 Nights)
  • The Heritage of India (7 Days/ 6 Nights)
  • The Indian Panorama (7 Days/ 6 Nights)
  • Treasures of India (4 Days/ 3 Nights)

All the 4 itineraries are centred around the royal state of Rajasthan and give tourists an excellent glimpse of India’s erstwhile kings and their fascinating lifestyles. Want to experience the beauty of the Taj while travelling like a king? Now is the perfect time to book a journey on The Maharajas’ Express and make the most of a limited-time offer.

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