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Varanasi: An Insight into the Most Sacred City

Located on the banks of Ganga River, Varanasi is one of the sacred cities in India. Popularly referred to as ‘The Spiritual Capital of India’ and ‘Banaras’, the city is well recognized for its religious ghats, premium-quality silk fabrics, sculpture, paan, and perfumes. Besides, the city is also a home to one of the Jyotir Lingas and Shakti Peethas in India. Well connected by train, bus, and flight, the holy city lures a large number of travelers from all across the world.

The city name is derived from the name of two rivers – Varuna and Assi. Varanasi is a beautiful amalgam of spiritual and physical worlds. It is believed that taking a bath or dip in the holy waters of River Ganga purifies the soul and wash away the sins. Also, the pundits say that taking a holy dip in Ganga helps in getting salvation from the birth and death life cycle.

Besides, one can also enjoy a boat ride in the Ganga River during a trip to Varanasi. The boat ride along River Ganga offers breathtaking views of the surroundings that will refresh your mind and soul. The ideal time to take a boat ride is 5.30 to 8 am. The ride begins from Dasawamedh Ghat and ends at Harishchandra Ghat (Banks). Some of the famous ghats (Banks) of Varanasi are Dasaswamedh Ghat, Manikarnika Ghat, Kedar Ghat, Panchganga Ghat, and Tulsi Ghat.

Situated around 10 km from Varanasi, Sarnath is among the most revered Buddhist pilgrimage sites. The place is renowned for Buddhist monuments and it is said that Gautam Buddha came to this place and taught the Dharma. Sarnath is also known as Deer park that is extremely peaceful. Dhamek Stupa is the remarkable structure in Sarnath that is made up of brick and stone. Built by Ashoka, Chaukhandi Stupa is a brick monument that is covered by octagonal tower.

Tourists can also visit The Garden of Spiritual Wisdom while a trip to Sarnath. The garden consists herbal plants that are collected from various parts of India. Apart from these points of interest, Sarnath Museum is another popular tourist spot, consisting a rich collection of Bodhisattva and Buddha pictures. Travelers can visit this museum from 10 am-5 pm, except Fridays.

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