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The Timeless Maharajas Express


“The Maharajas’ Express derives its name from the rich and varied tradition of the Maharajas in India and reflects the echoes of a bygone era. The history of maharajas is inextricably mixed with that of the locomotive and their relentless fascination with James Watts invention.

Through the centuries the Maharajas were in fierce competition with each other over their ostentatious railways. Maharaja Gaekwad of Vadodhara installed a royal throne in his personal coach. To give you a glimpse of their extravagance – the Nizam of Hyderabad’s private railway car was decked with thin strips of ivory accented with solid gold hardware.

Madhav Rao Scindias father installed a two mile rail track on his palace grounds. The child Madhav Rao delighted in taking his friends for joy rides on the premises.

Maharaja Jaswant Singh of Jodhpur took the initiative to lay his own railway line and Raika Bagh Palace was probably the first railway Station in India.

His intense passion for trains culminated in the Maharaja of Gwalior having a silver model train chugging along the centre piece on his banqueting table. This train was to circulate liqueurs and cigars to his royal guests. The Maharaja prided himself on this quaint possession and showed it off every occasion he could. Once the train was derailed in its journey across the table, much to the chagrin of the Maharaja who was extremely upset with this little accident.

In 1936, the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company built a luxury state coach for Maharaja  of Indore. This coach exuded luxury and finesse and was the finest of its kind. The art deco interior used sycamore wood, chrome, pink mirrors and an internal telephone system. Blown ice was used to cool it down in tropical climates. Such was the fascination with railway engines.
Much of this passion informs the luxurious Maharajas’ Express today. It tosses up tradition with exoticism and is a milestone in luxury travel.
At par with the Orient Express, the salons of the Maharajas’ Express train draw inspiration from the private saloons of the erstwhile Maharajas of India. Current saloons of the train capture some of the old world splendor of the carriages of the Maharajas. The essence of the pageantry of a bygone era is captured by some of the fine detailing of the train, its exquisite tapestries and quaint dicor. The modern day amenities work quietly, behind the scenes, and do not detract from its gracious elan.

The Luxury Train Maharajas Express is owned and operated by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. It is often compared and found to be on par with the Orient Express of the west. The train was started in March 2010. The Maharajas’ Express was named to the worlds top 25 trains by the Society of International Railway Travelers. It boasts a Presidential suite spread over two carriages.

The Maharajas’ Express is the winner of the World travel Award for 2012 and 2013. It is also the winner of the Excellence in Luxury Award 2013.

Much of the splendor of this fascinating enterprise is indescribable. Voyagers who have travelled on the train leave behind a trail of wonderful testimonials. Here are just a few.

“”Thank you for the fabulous experience of Incredible India””
– Manuel Mourao, Spain

“”This experience is definitely better than the Royal Scotsman, and has been equal to Orient Express, if not better.””
– Taylor, New Jersey, USA

“”The entire journey was and will be an unforgettable experience. If I was a poet, I would be probably set this entire fabulous experience in beautiful poetry.””
– Judith Moorthy, Queensland, Australia

Let the Maharajas, Express entice you into the heart of exotic India. Lose yourself in its pageantry and taste of the rich heritage of the Maharajas.”