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The Shimmering Gems and Jewelry of India

  • Wednesday, 2December, 2015


The following blog talks about the jewellery of India and also informs about the art of jewellery making in Rajasthan. It mentions the gems which are popular as well as found in India.

India is a land of shimmering hues and colors. Its vast beauty has been appreciated by tourists globally and since ancient times it has been the subject of many poems and stories. The alluring land borrows its iridescence from a mélange of cultures and from variety of gems and precious stones. The jewellery and handicraft of India is globally renowned and is famous for its ethnic and intricate designs. It is a well-known historical fact that people of Indus Valley civilization, which comprises of the parts of north and north-west India, were pioneers in the art of jewellery making and were known for using metals, precious stones and beads to give an aesthetic look to their creations. India was also the first country to mine for diamonds and this practice dates back to 296 BC.                                          gems & jewls

In India, Rajasthan is famous for its artistic jewellery which boasts of rich influence from Mughal and Rajputana era. India which was once popularly known as “The golden bird” encloses a vivid variety of precious stones and gems in its heart. These stones include-

* Pearl or Moti
* Diamond or Heera
* Manik or Ruby
* Emerald or Panna
* Katela or Amethyst
* Turquoise or Firoza
* Pukhraj or Sapphire
* Moonga or Coral

The land of royal lineage, Rajasthan, also boasts of elegant art of jewellery making and has been a home to many different forms of jewellery making like Jadau. The style of jadau was brought to India by Mughals and comprises of a dedicated team where each one works on a different aspect of jewellery making. The team mainly consists of three types of craftsmen-


Chiterias- Chiterias are responsible for giving the jewellery an impeccable design and are known for carrying out their skill with an unmatched finesse.

Ghaarias- Ghaarias carry out the task of engraving the jewellery. They are known for their preciseness and work concertedly with Chiterias to ensure that the jewellery is nothing less than a masterpiece.

Meenakars- Meenakars are responsible for Meenakari or Enameling. They augment the efforts of Chiterias and Gharias and put finishing touches to the jewellery.

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