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maha-station_2894466k“The Maharajas’ Express seems to have a good innings with the media. We are grateful for all the positive media attention that has been afforded by the team of extremely talented journalists. The media has offered some rare insights into the workings of the Maharajas’ Express.

The Maharajas’ Express has been dubbed the only way to see incredible India. The Times writes passionately about reliving the era of imperial splendor on board the Maharajas’ Express. The South Asia speaks of the Maharajas’ Express as a milange of luxury, nostalgia and fascinating destinations.

The Hindu, which is one of the most respected newspapers in India writes that Now, you can enjoy a royal vacation aboard the world’s top luxury train . Railbookers eulogizes that it is not just the best train in India. It is the best train in the world. The Wall Street Journal comments the Maharajas’ Express has spacious cabins , fine food and private performances the Asian Express is of the view that you will Experience the ultimate in Luxury train travel on board the Maharajas’ Express. The Elite traveler writes that the train is just right for those who lust after the imperial experience

This collage of rave reviews is only a glimpse of what the media has to say about the magnificent Maharajas’ Express. Please visit the Maharajas’ Express official website for further reviews about this awesome locomotive.”