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The Magic of Indian Rails- An Ode to the Maharajas’ Express

When was the last time you marveled at the sight of a ‘moving’ landscape and experienced transcendental joy? As a child, we would often think that the freestanding world seemed to move backwards at a lightning speed as we sat motionless inside the train compartment and curiously gazed outside through the open window. Well, the Maharajas’ Express brings to you a golden opportunity to relive this fantasy!

The sparkling city lights that never seem to die down, the serenity of the holy Ganges when the voices die down, the majestic monuments amidst the sea of sands, the leisurely walks through the narrow alleyways- India is a globetrotter’s paradise and our very own Maharajas’ Express provides the stairway to that heaven!

The world’s leading luxury train recently partnered with Ministry of Tourism, for a global campaign #IndiaBlogTrain and invited 13 renowned bloggers from all over the world for a one-of-a-kind experience.

The bloggers got soaked and enthralled being treated with royalty.

Here’s what our travellers had to say about their journey through the green country roads of India.

‘The Romance of the Rails: Checking into India’s Maharaja Express’ – by Nikki Vargas

Travelling on the Maharajas’ Express train has been a truly delightful experience for US-based Nicole Vargas. This is what she posted on her Twitter account (@TravelEditorNik) –

“After a week exploring India by train aboard the @Maharajas_Exp—making my way from Delhi to Lucknow—I have fallen for the romance of the rails ??❤️ #IncredibleIndia”.

Nicole aka Nikki Vargas is the Founding Editor of ‘The Pin the Map Project’. In her latest travelogue ‘The Romance of the Rails: Checking into India’s Maharaja Express’, Ms. Vargas speaks of her first-hand experience in a luxury train-

“The Maharaja Express, on the other hand, is endlessly romantic, as if the entire train was born from the imagination of a hopeless dreamer. It’s the level of detail provided by both the staff and the train itself that makes the ride so special.”

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The Blogger on Wheels- Aileen’s Fascinating Journey

Aileen Adalid, the blogger from Philippines has something unique to say about her train journey. This is what she posted on her Instagram (@i_am_aileen) –

“When I first set foot in India 3 months ago, I was sad that I didn’t get the chance to see the famous Taj Mahal. It even felt like it will take me a while till I can come back and finally see it… But alas, fate had something else in mind! Thanks to @incredibleindia’s #IndiaBlogTrain campaign with @maharajas_express, I had the chance to quickly return to India and see this UNESCO beauty!”

A Review of the Maharajas’ Express by Victoria and Terrence, Traveler couple from the US

If you have visited India but not boarded the Maharajas’ Express, then you have missed out on real fun and adventure! And guess who is saying this? Victoria and Terrence, the travelling couple from the US!

The duo spoke highly of us and mentioned a few valid reasons as to why you should board the Maharajas’ Express. In a blog titled ’15 Things to Know before Taking the Maharaja Express Train’, they wrote-

“Have you ever wanted to be treated like a true king or queen, or in this case, a true Maharaja? When riding on the Maharajas’ Express train, you will have access to your very own private butler. Unlike a cruise ship where room service stewards service many cabins all the time, your private butler will only serve your car which will consist of your cabin and two others.”

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Maharajas’ Royal Dining – Ayngelina Post Says It All!

If you have visited India but not tasted its royal cuisine, then you have a lot to catch up on! The Maharajas’ Express comes with two onboard restaurants- the Rang Mahal and the Mayur Mahal. The royal meals comprising of delectable Indian cuisine and the best-in-house liquors are served by noble butlers who are at your service 24/7.

Ayngelina, the food blogger from Canada recently posted a beautiful picture of hers in a traditional saree and tweeted:

“My first sari. What do you think? The last night on the Maharajas Express they surprised us with saris, which is incredibly one piece of fabric intricately folded and wrapped. After dinner we had a party and asked the crew to show us how to dance.”

‘Maharajas Express – The beginnings: New Delhi, India’- by Annika Ziehen

Annika Ziehen came all the way from Germany and it was her third time around in India. While the first two journeys have not been that fascinating, this time she saw a different side of incredible India-

“But still…every squeak, every bump, every choo choo in the distance seemed to whisper: adventure awaits. And after all, this is what made me fall in love with India in the end.”

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Marko Tadic’s Royal Journey on the Maharajas’ Express

Marko Tadic from Serbia was naturally surprised to see traditional hosts welcoming the guests onboard and felicitating them with garlands and ‘tilaks’. In his blog titled ‘India: Land of Smile and Happiness’, Marko Tadic wrote- “The second day was reserved for a visit to the presidential palace, the temple and, of course, the main reason we came to India – Maharaja’s Express! The train of eternal dreams!”

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Jayne Claire’s Experience on an Indian Luxury Train

Jayne Claire, the travel hedonist from UK wrote ‘What It’s Like to Travel India on a Luxury Train- Maharajas’ Express Review’, where she added:

“I’ve just experienced the most luxurious way of travelling in India. Red carpet welcomes, chai-bearing butlers, expert-led excursions – a journey on the Maharajas’ Express is pure indulgence.”


A Trip to Remember- Emily Luxton’s Take on the Maharajas’ Express

Emily Luxton, the travel blogger from UK was mesmerized by the grandeur of the Maharajas’ Express. From two stately diners to a personal mini bar attached to her deluxe room, Emily couldn’t ask for more. This is what she wrote in her personal blog site

‘So…The Maharaja’s Express. Eight days on board one of the world’s most luxurious trains, touring the very best of India. Can I just say “it was incredible” and we’ll all agree that’s descriptive enough? Because I don’t know if I have words!…The route took us through some of India’s most amazing tourist hotspots, and between sightseeing we were able to completely relax on board what is easily the best train I’ve ever been lucky enough to go on. With two restaurants – served by the incredible chef John Stone – and two bars on board, plus gorgeous landscapes outside the window, and a beautiful little cabin to relax in, there was plenty to keep us busy.’

A Week Aboard The Maharaja’s Express- Luxury Trains In India- by Amelia Goodhead

The more you get a glimpse of the royal journey, the more you wish you were onboard. UK-based Amelia Goodhead also feels the same. She spoke highly of us and even posted a vlog where she wrote:

“Watch as we travel on The Maharaja’s Express through the Indian Panorama Route from Dehli to Jaipur, Ranthambore, Fatehpur Sikri, Agra, Gwalior, Orchha, Khajuraho, Varanasi and Lucknow.”

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