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  • April 10, 2018

The Great Indian Blog Train- A Thrilling Journey Like Never Before!

The Maharajas’ Express has garnered quite a reputation with its popular ‘Indian Blog Train’ campaign. Renowned bloggers from all across the globe were invited to partake in this enthralling joy ride. They came, they saw, and were evidently conquered by the grand beauty of incredible India. This is what they had to say about this lifetime journey.

Aileen’s Top 10 Reasons to Explore India in the Maharajas Express Luxury Train

Aileen Adalid, the travel blogger from the Philippines had a few amazing things to say about the Maharajas’ Express.

“I have gone through several luxury travel experiences from all over the world in the past 4 years, and my time with India’s famous Maharajas Express train has been the most recent adventure that left me at a loss for words because I was just so inexplicably awestruck.

Of course this was my first ever rail journey, so I have nothing to compare it with — however, even with that fact, it was pretty clear to see that the train trip I did with them was an epitome of India’s lavish lifestyle that’s wholly reminiscent of how royalty or ‘maharajas’ were treated!”

In her impeccably refined words, Aileen describes the interiors of this IRCTC-sponsored luxury travel train:

“As a newly-built train with modern fittings, Maharajas Express has a total of 23 huge and spacious carriages that combines accommodation cabins, 2 bars (with couches and game areas), 2 restaurants, generator rooms, and storage areas (for autos/cars, etc.). In fact, the whole train is a kilometer long and quite spacious too!”

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A Rose-Coloured View of India with Victoria and Terrence

Victoria and Terrence, the couple from the US were left short of words. Their grand expedition left them mesmerised and they had something remarkable to say about the Maharajas’ Express.

“Some of India’s luxury trains such as the Maharaja Express Train are critically acclaimed and have won many international travel awards.”

“The price of luxury trains in India differs widely so it is best to look at what each Indian luxury train has to offer and then make your decision accordingly. Compare rates, what is offered, what the interiors and cabins look like, and what routes the trains run in order to come to your decision. For example, on the Maharajas’ Express “Indian Panorama” tour, guests get to eat dinner in the courtyard of a real working palace where a real Maharaja and his family still live. This is an ultra-exclusive experience and may be worth spending extra if this is something you are interested in doing. Weigh the pros and cons of each train price when making your decision.”

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Annika Ziehen’s Adventurous Ride

Ms. Annika Ziehen came all the way from Germany to experience the royalty of the Maharajas’ Express. This is what she had to say:

“Mind you, the Maharajas Express is not any other train and one that I highly recommend. I was incredibly excited when I found out that I was not only chosen to be part of the Great India Blog Trainbut that the Maharajas Express was going to be my home for the journey.

On the plane to Delhi I watched Murder on the Orient Express which got me worried though: was I a) going to survive and b) did I bring enough fancy clothes? The answers were no on both accounts but luckily the latter didn’t matter. Because while the Maharajas Express is the best luxury train in India, there is no dress code.”

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Da Young Kim’s Take on the Maharajas’ Express

Da Young Kim, the young blogger from Korea was highly impressed with the warm welcome that she received in Delhi. This is what she wrote about the famous Indian Blog Train.

“I arrive in Delhi early in the day before the train trip, and I visit the city attractions for two days, and the time for boarding is approaching. The train departs from Safdarjung station in Delhi in the evening, and there is already a huge welcoming atmosphere for passengers from outside the station. A huge elephant statue made of flowers is standing, and as soon as it passes through a private gate prepared separately, it walks the wreath and announces the start of a massive train journey. In front of the train, the butlers who helped us in our journey for 7 days and 8 nights were standing side by side in a row. Their continued service throughout the journey continued, and thanks to them, I was able to feel the charm of a train journey that was completely different from a hotel trip.”

Talking about her trip to Fatehpur Sikri, Kim wrote:

“Take a trip on the world famous luxury train ‘Maharajas’ Express’ to North India! Today on the third day, we have to get out of the train earlier than usual. The safari tour is waiting for you to take a jeep from the dawn to the national park. In the afternoon, it is time to go to see the ruins of the Maternal Empire, the Fatehpur Sikri, once a glory. India, where you can meet nature in the morning and historic ruins in the afternoon, is so full of colorful shapes that you cannot help it.”

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Brent Lindeque Is In Love with the Indian Rails

Brent Lindeque from South Africa had an incredible experience on the Maharajas’ Express. This is what he had to write about his luxurious travel experience:

“The most recent and unarguably the most luxurious tourist train in India is called the Maharajas Express, a globally celebrated train that has redefined the art of elegance.

The Maharajas’ Express was voted “The World’s Leading Luxury Train” five times in a row at ‘The World Travel Awards’ and within minutes of stepping onto the red carpet that leads up to the open carriage doors, you will see why.

The train was designed to recreate the same old luxury of the personal carriages of historical Indian Maharajahs. Each of the cabins including the dining coupes are covered with nostalgia of past grandeur. Quaint décor fused together with the contemporary amenities create an aura of sheer opulence and 5 Star luxury inside each cabin of the Maharaja Express.

The Maharajas Express can carry up to 84 passengers in elegantly appointed cabins which include a lavish presidential suite spanning over an entire carriage. Each room is ensuite and comes with it’s own butler. There are 2 restaurants, 2 lounge bars equipped with library and souvenir shops and wifi across the nearly 1 kilometre long train.

The train offers a fascinating voyage across some of the finest destinations in India which let you discover the true spirit of this beautiful nation, while learning about the incredible history too.”

He went ahead and expressed his enthusiasm and wonder in his YouTube travel blog

Ayngelina Impressed with the Maharajas’ Express

Ayngelina, the blogger from Canada was super-excited to travel in India and confused as well when it came to pulling off Indian outfits! This is what she wrote about the Maharajas’ Express:

“When Incredible India invited me to take the iconic Maharajas Express train trip I was thrilled.”

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Jayne Claire’s View on the Maharajas’ Express

Ms Jayne Claire, the blogger from Great Britain had a lifetime experience on the Maharajas’ Express. The soul-searching came to an end in her blog titled ‘Palaces, Forts & Faith in Northern India- Maharajas’ Express Highlights’. Here, she wrote:

“The beauty of train travel is that it offers the chance to discover so many diverse places in a relatively short time period. I love how you settle into a room that moves, each day delivering a new destination when you peel back the curtains.

On board India’s luxury train, the Maharajas’ Express, each and every day you are introduced to a fascinating new destination – most days offering more than one heritage site or cultural experience to immerse yourself in.

I was a lucky guest of the Indian Panorama itinerary – essentially 8 days of being spoiled by the luxury of the train and delighted by destinations it delivers you to. From world-famous monuments, to Mughal forts and Maharajas’ palaces, here are some of the incredible places in northern India you can discover on Maharajas’ Express excursions.”

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Emily’s Surprise Journey

Ms Emily Luxton, the blogger from UK was cordially invited by the Maharajas’ Express team. This is what she wrote in her blog titled ‘Maharajas’ Express Highlights – What Life Is like on an Indian Luxury Train’:

“Last month, I was lucky enough to return to one of my favourite countries in the world, India. And this time I was travelling in style, on board the stunning Maharajas’ Express – one of the most incredible luxury trains in India!

From start to finish, the journey was absolutely amazing. I adore train travel, and getting to explore India on board a train fit for a Maharajah was a total dream come true.”

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Amelia Goodhead Was Happy To Be In India

Ms Amelia Goodhead from Great Britain was left ecstatic by her visit in India. Here’s what she wrote in her travel blog:

“Last month I embarked on one of the most awesome and eye opening trips of my travel career so far – a week aboard the Maharajas’ Express!

I’ve always wanted to visit India. See a new part of the world and of course eat ALL of the curry! But I was, for whatever reason, a little nervous to venture there. There were also so many places I wanted to see, that planning a trip of this kind just seemed impossible. Until I discovered The Maharajas’ Express – a luxury train with an itinerary that ticked all my sight-seeing boxes all whilst travelling in comfort, style and pure luxury. What could be better?!

I had a little google ahead of our journey but couldn’t find a lot about the Maharajas’ Express online, so I thought it would be useful to put together a post and show you just what it’s like to live like a Maharajah for a week and travel through the golden triangle of India!”


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