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The Adventurous Game Drive at Ranthambore, in a Way Never Seen Before

The prospect of taking part in a game drive and being in close proximity with the elusive tiger is probably the most thrilling idea for any tourist who is traveling across India. A journey with Maharajas’ Express can take you in the midst of breathtaking settings and adventure, at the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. Here, you be able to fulfill your fantasy of watching exotic animals in their natural settings.


History of Ranthambore

Ranthambore is one of the most beautiful parks in India with a diverse range of wildlife including tigers, leopards, barking deer, spotted deer, Indian gazelles, and a variety of birds. Not only is it a fascinating jungle, but the entire forest is scattered with the ruins of the Ranthambore Fort. The fort, which is a UNESCO heritage site, is surrounded by dry deciduous forest and open grassy meadow.

The tiger reserve gets its name from the ancient fort situated within the periphery. The fort is located at a height of 700 ft. from the park, and is set approximately 5 km inside the park. The foundation stone of Ranthambore Fort was laid by Rajput King Sapaldaksha of Chauhan Dynasty, and since then a number of kings of the same reign contributed towards the construction of the fort.

The king who contributed the most towards building the fort was Rao Hammir Deo Chauhan. A 32-pillar canopy, known as the ‘battis kambha chhattri’, which was built in honor of the king, is located in the ruined premises and is a major tourist attraction. Ranthambore Fort got converted into a royal hunting reserve when the great Mughal emperor, Akbar, took over the fort in 1558. This is when the surrounding woody landscape became prominent. And, with the Rajasthan Forest Act of 1953, serious steps were taken towards preservation and conservation of the area.

The ruins are known to be frequented by the amazing animals of the reserve. Sightings of the royal tiger in the backdrop of these magnificent ruins is something that cannot be forgotten in a lifetime.

Experience the Exciting Journey with Maharajas’ Express

Come and enjoy this ultimate adventure along with thrilling indulgences, with us on the Maharajs’ Express. In our endeavor to make our guests explore the awe inspiring and exotic destination of Ranthambore, we have created some interesting itineraries.

Game drive at the park can be enjoyed in all journeys offered by the Maharajas’ Express, as it is covered in all 5 itineraries. Usually the early morning slot is booked for game drive on the rocky terrain of the reserve, except for the itinerary – ‘Treasures of India’, where the safari takes place post lunch.

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