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Sumptuous Train Travel in India

The oldest entity of rail travel is expediency, coupled with luxuriousness and the lush tapestry of Indian heritage. However, it is another issue that only a minuscule number of Indians beyond royalty have availed the ‘luxurious’ aspect of it.

Revel in opulent & diverse journeys of cultural heritage, ancestry, ethnicities, cuisines and regal splendour!!

For travellers who have no budget constraints and want to evade the horde of hotels, luxury train travel is the ideal selection for them. Extravagantly adorned royal coaches provide state-of-the-art comforts without fail. These coaches depict an exquisite experience of royalty and grandeur, along with an impalpable aura of Luxury travel that beckons you to experience this odyssey.

Excursion with the Luxury Train takes you to places in style, presenting a fusion of romance of a bygone era with amenities of the contemporary age. It offers connoisseurs the chance to relieve old world charms of classic train journey travel. These luxury travels help to delve into the quintessence of rich Indian culture.

What don’t these trains have for travellers, stretching from adorned royal compartments to enamelled bath showers, exclusive parlours to individual valets who will carry out your orders expeditiously? The presence of elegant saloons operating on wheels takes care of complete quiescence (?) provision of amenities. These trains even have operating spas and gym, sometimes!

Dining bar and lounges are for travellers who wish to reconnoitre the vivid Indian heritage while securing their private realm. The Luxury trains have souvenir coaches providing embossed leather handicrafts, jewellery products, mugs, photo frames and cruet sets along with accessories for providing tokens for the journeys that are worth remembering for a lifetime. Admiring the marvellous wonders that our country offers, they also cover World Heritage Sites.

The presence of the aesthetic interiors complements the picturesque outside views. In-house fine-dining restaurants clubbed with classic ambience are not less than any five star hotel experience, making you feel utterly satisfied. These trains have retained regal extravagance by allowing the travellers to have a memorable experience. Above all, you can cherish deeply the views of heritage sites, along with world-class amenities. Travelling with this luxury train, you can experience the classic Indian royalty that is recreated for western travellers.

Maharajas Express:

Trains here are refurbished and renovated with garnished cabins and wallpapers. There are well-stocked bars clubbed with traditional paintings and handicrafts placed across the train. One can entirely enjoy the royal journey to the top tourist destinations of India and simultaneously experiencing the country’s richness in an eminent way.