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Show around for the Maharajas’ Express

mayur-mahal“About 200 leading foreign tour operators visited the Maharajas’ Express on the 7th and 8th of April 2014 and enjoyed the hospitality of the worlds leading luxury train. The Maharajas’ Express showcased its superb facilities to the delegations who were visibly enchanted by the experience.
The Maharajas’ Express has the distinction of pampering its passengers like royalty and exudes an old world charm enhanced by state of the art facilities.

The Maharajas’ Express has all the modern facilities to offer the 21st century traveler. Amenities such as pneumatic suspension, live television, Wi-Fi, attached bathroom, dining cars, bar, lounge and souvenir shop make travel in the Maharajas’ Express a milestone in luxury travel. The larger cabins are complete with roll-top baths and spacious sitting rooms.

23 carriages make up the train which includes accommodation, dining, bar, lounge, generator and store cars. 14 guest carriages with a capacity of 88 make the train spacious and flowing. The Rajah club is the trains lounge ,equipped with a private bar. The train also boasts two dining cars and a dedicated bar car. The passengers may purchase memorabilia from an on board souvenir boutique that is charming and interesting.

The show around was immensely successful especially when it came in the wake of bagging the second World Travel Award. We certainly hope that through the esteemed tour operators who attended the show, more travelers will be able to taste and savor the famed Indian hospitality on board the Maharajas’ Express.”