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Savor the Princely Cuisine of Mewar Along with the Maharajas’ Express

Experience the royalty of Rajasthan with the authentic taste of Mewar cuisine against the beautiful backdrop of scenic destinations in India, with the luxury train Maharajas’ Express.

Mewar cuisine

Mewari cuisine can be characterized as being rustic, simple and highly flavorsome. The cuisine mainly depends upon fresh fruits, vegetables and meats of the season. Getting the right flavors in this cuisine depends hugely on the cooking technique and freshness of the ingredients.

As Mewar is primarily a lake region, the diet includes corn (makkai) and fresh water fish, as opposed to millet (bajra). Some famous dishes of this imperial cuisine include Steamed Stuffed Bhindi, Steamed Keema, Chicken Biryani, Mewari Lauki (bottle gourd) and Phirni. Milk and dry fruits dominate the desserts in Mewari cuisine. Pistachio, Khoya, saffron-cardamom, almond and honey are filled in a pastry of wheat flour, to make the delightful Mawakachori. The legendary Paniyachurio, made from crushed maize bread, hot clarified butter and jaggery, is believed to be a great digestive. Ghee and dry fruits are generously added to the desserts to give them a royal touch.

The traditional technique of making ‘Rotis’ is billowing them on upturned clay pots, over blazing fire. Traditionally coal was used as the fuel for cooking as it enhanced the flavors, imparting a special taste and aroma to the food. The dishes showcase the ingenuity characteristic to this royal cuisine. To add the traditional zing to the dishes, they are served in clay pots, as was traditionally done to enhance the flavors. Not only is this cuisine considered immensely delicious, but the dishes are oil and fat-free as well.The delightful aromas of Mewari dishes bear with them the gossamer heritage of warrior traditions, ceremonial pasts, and hunting expeditions.

Explore the culinary delights of Mewari cuisine as Maharajas’ Express brings you the gastronomic jewels of this region. These delicacies are crafted by the Chefs onboard, according to the culture and cuisine of the Mewar region.Thanks to them, this royal cuisine has become a lot more accessible and is prepared regularly in the Maharajas’ Express kitchens.

The kitchens have designed special menus inspired by the Mewari cuisine. The authentic main course consists of dishes like Sookha Maans, Gatte ki Sabzi, Kadi Pakora, Handi Gosht, Bharwan Paneer Kofta Curry, Bhuna Gosht, Mewarka Murg, Kalmi Vada, Laal Maans, Paneer Laung Lata, Panchmel Dal, Gatte ka Pulao, and Methi aur Bajre ki Poori.

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The dining options in the luxury train play an important role in its success. Along with modern facilities and impeccable service, the beautiful dining cars of Maharajas’ Express – Mayur Mahal (Peacock Restaurant) and Rang Mahal (Haveli Restaurant), serve a number of dishes from the delectable Mewari cuisine, in a comfortable and relaxed ambiance. These restaurants cater to the dining preferences of all kinds of travelers.