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“They say no vacation is complete without the pleasures of fine cuisine! That is exactly what the team of Chefs at Maharajas’ Express aims to provide to the guests. Starting from international gourmet dishes to the flavours of the wondrous Indian cuisine, the best of efforts and culinary expertise is put into preparing the perfect meal. Starting from Chicken Vol-Au-Vent & Lobster Thermidor to the ever wonderful, Punjabi thali- all variant flavours are presented to our guests.
There are 2 restaurants on board the Maharajas’ Express, where the guests can enjoy their meals as they travel across India.
Rang Mahal which literally means, the Palace of Colors, is the restaurant with hand painted fresco ceiling. Mayur Mahal is the Peacock themed restaurant which is as vibrant as the majestic bird itself.
Both the restaurants have teams dedicated to providing culinary masterpieces and both are different from each other, with only their commitment to quality being the common point.”