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Relish the blissful activities with elephants at Jaipur

Jaipur, also called as the Pink City, is a prominent showplace in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Spending your holidays in Jaipur city will bring alive all the diverse elements of city’s life heritage. Whether they are age old temples, monuments and palaces, or living craft and culture, or traditional cuisines such as – sweets making; this city has all of it to fascinate tourists. Getting socialize along with the City Walk, you’ll get to know the architecture and rich culture & heritage of people.

If you are a keen elephant enthusiast, and willing to be familiar with the largest land animal, Jaipur will prove to be your best destination. On arrival in Jaipur, guests proceed for an exclusive royal experience. They are welcomed in a royal procession accompanied by the band at City Palace, afterwards, guests proceed for elephant activities while an orator explains the palace and entire activities. You can make the most of your tour by savoring the most exciting, innovative and delightful activities with elephants. You can touch, feed, paint and even ride them.

Jaipur is one of the destinations included in all six itineraries of Maharajas’ Express – the world’s leading luxury train. ‘Gems of India’ (4 days/3 nights), ‘The Jewels of India’ (7 days /6 nights), ‘Treasures of India’ (4 days/3 nights), ‘The Indian Panorama’ (8 days/7 nights), ‘The Indian Splendor’ (8 days/7 nights) and  ‘The Heritage of India’ (8 days/ 7 nights).

This tremendous elephant activities ends with a royal procession that involves the band, drum beating, decorated elephants, camels and horses that will make you feel like a king or queen. Eventually guests return to the train after this mesmerizing activity.