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Rang Mahal and Mayur Mahal- the Royal Eateries of Maharajas’

The following blog talks about the prized possessions of Maharajas’ Express, world’s leading luxury train, its two themed restaurants. Read on to know more about Rang Mahal and Mayur Mahal.


Eccentric wanderers would agree that traveling soothes the soul in a pleasant way and discovering new cultures and traditions definitely broadens our horizon. Traveling in utmost luxury just heightens the pleasure of traveling and that’s the reason why luxury tourism has revamped the entire market of Culture and Tourism.

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India also has its own player in the market and over the years, Maharajas’ Express has carved a niche for itself in the industry. Recently, it was showcased in the exquisite city of Berlin at ITB and has won numerous laurels; the one worth mentioning is World Travel Awards for “World’s leading luxury train” which it won for four years in a row. The half-a-mile long train is grandiose palace on wheels and a dream come true for those who wish to travel through the surreal Indian lands with ultimate comfort and lavishness. The train has 43 luxurious cabins that are equipped with all kinds of modernistic facilities including personal electronic safe, individual temperature controllers and en-suite bathroom facilities. The cabins are names after Indian Jewels and exude the charm of opulence.


The two thematically based restaurants definitely steal the thunder. The restaurants are intricately designed. Special attention has been paid to the details and both of them have beautiful adorned walls and plush furniture to match it. The two Maharajas’ Express restaurants are known as-

♣ Rang Mahal- It literally means a “Palace of colors” and guests can savor the diversity of Indian as well as global cuisines in the grand restaurant. This one is also beautified by a hand painted fresco ceiling.

♣ Mayur Mahal- It has been named after the vibrant peacock, National bird of India. This restaurant has the perfect ambience for royal dining experience.

 Maharajas' Express- Rang Maha

Both of these restaurants have a capacity of 42 each and serve the royal guests with sumptuous meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These restaurants are designed to give the experience of an erstwhile royal eatery and have the perfect setting for forging bonds with your co-passengers. These restaurants have two and four seating tables, so one can either enjoy a splendid meal with their traveling partner or can socialize happily with other guests.

These two restaurants make every meal an experience and besides these our royal guests can also relax in the grand Safari Bar or the elegant Rajah Club. These two are specially for built for leisurely indulgence. In Safari Bar guests can either read or catch up with a fellow traveler over a round of drinks or can spend some quality time with family with a variety of board games.  In Rajah Club, an exquisite kiosk for memorabilia has been put up, Sandouk and here customers can explore the vast range of souvenirs which will remind them of the elegant Maharajas’ Express.

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