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Rajasthan- the Royal Abode of Puppets, Palaces and Folklores

  • Thursday, 19November, 2015

The following blog talks about the ancient art of puppetry in Rajasthan. It mentions its origin and also talks about the journeys Maharajas’ Express provides to the vibrant and convivial land of Rajasthan.dance1


India is an amalgamation of different cultures and its vibrant heritage is conjured by diverse traditions, practices and eternal rituals. The alluring land of India has been home to a plethora of communities and every community has been adding to its distinguishing diversity since the beginning of time. Needless to say, the country has been blessed with varied forms of art and each signifies the harmonic heterogeneity of this enriched nation.

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Puppetry, traditionally known as “Kathputli kala” has been an indispensable part of the rich Indian heritage for more than a thousand years. The art of puppetry has been popularized in India by the state of royal lineage, Rajasthan. It is said that the venerable art of puppetry was started by Bhat community in Rajasthan and soon spread all over the country. A puppet is indigenously known as “Kathputli” and its reference is easily found in the ancient ballads and Rajasthani folklores.

In Rajasthan, puppets are dressed with utmost nobility and are adorned in iridescent outfits. String puppets are more common in Rajasthan but with changing times, puppets with rods and huge fancy masks are also gaining popularity. Puppeteers narrate the ancient tales of heroism, love and bravery and any convivial ceremony of the village is incomplete with these vibrant and lively puppets. Even with the inception of technology, the ancient of art of puppetry is still popular in most of the parts of Rajasthan and has stood the test of time.

The majestic land of Rajasthan is also home to a number of palatial forts and its vibrant culture coupled with its eternal iridescence attracts tourists from all corners of the world. Maharajas’ express, world’s leading luxury train, provides exquisite journeys to different parts of the state. Guests can time-travel to the era of Rajputs in Jaipur or can try to spot the elusive tiger in the sprawling jungles of Ranthambore. With the Maharajas’ Express, guests can even witness the ethnic puppetry of Rajasthan in Hanwant Mahal, Jodhpur. The heritage of India and The Indian Splendor are two of the exciting journeys that take tourists to the exuberant city of Jodhpur; in the regal state of Rajasthan guests can enjoy the lively puppets narrate the folk-tales tourists can also enliven the history at fort of Mehrangarh.

The half-a-mile long train is an exemplar in the field of luxury and hospitality and that can be seen from the various accolades it has gathered. It has won the prestigious World Travel Awards thrice and was recently honored with the Seven Stars luxury and hospitality award for providing the splendorous seven star experience. Maharajas’ Express witness throngs of guests from all parts of the world and sends it hearties invitation to anyone who wishes to see vivid heritage, the vivacious culture and the vibrant India essence.