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Rajah Club


“The Rajah Club- lounge extraordinaire on Maharajas’ Express is an apt set up to enjoy a relaxed visit to India. The casual all day experience lounge is where you can settle yourself after an eventful day of sight-seeing and think about the sights & sounds of the heart of India. The Club offers a speciality brand of wines, spirits & beers and also houses an exclusive boutique.
It is also the best setting to get to know the other guests on board the journey with you. As ideas and perceptions are discussed over a glass of wine, so are the experiences shared. Every guest has his or her own interpretation and connection to the places they travel to, this is an opportunity to understand those different point of views. This enables one to plan their next day and look at the country from a new perspective.
The attendants at the Rajah Club make sure to provide the guests with the utmost comfort and cater to their needs as they enjoy the day. Sipping wine as you go across the variant landscapes of India is an experience that is definitely not worth missing! “