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Orchha is a place nothing short of a land of enchantments. It appears to have lost track of time and remains an evergreen glorious capital of the Bundela Rajput kings.

Established by Maharaja Rudra Pratap Singh in the 16th Century, Orchha lies on the Betwa River in Madhya Pradesh. Studded with glorious monuments, temples and palaces Orchha has retained its purity and serenity even now so that the splendor of the bygone gone era still beckons tourists to visit and soak in the charm of the place.

Orchhas grandeur has been captured in stone, the famous Orchha fort is surrounded by battlemented walls and consists of several connected buildings erected at different times, the most noteworthy of which are the Raja Mahal with bold, colorful and exquisite murals, and the Jahangir Mahal which is adorned with delicate chhatris and trellis work, the whole conveying an effect of extraordinary richness.

The Ram Raja Temple is also an exceptional combination of fort and temple architecture in Orchha. Laden with splendid paintings, it is a fine example of Mughal architecture.

So visit the spectacular town of Orchha with the Maharajas Express to witness some of the greatest forts of all time.”