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What to Expect When Travelling on The Maharajas’ Express, World’s Leading Luxury Train

Travelling on the world’s leading luxury train comes with its own set of expectations. There is such an aura of mystery and intrigue that surround the world’s best luxury trains that it becomes impossible to separate fact from fable. If you are ready to undertake your first journey on the world’s most-loved luxury train, The Maharajas’ Express, then here’s a real account of things and experiences you can expect.

  • All Things Traditional: Starting from the grand and warm welcome given to the esteemed guests of The Maharajas’ Express to the opulent decor of the train, everything is traditional and royal to the core. This unique journey not only keeps India’s charming culture and traditions alive, it also offers tourists a rare opportunity to capture the bygone era in all its glory. From the minute you enter the railway station, you will be transported to another world, suspended in time. The flower garlands, the tikkas on forehead, the folk music, cultural performances and the leveried butlers are all reminiscent of India’s glorious past, a past where palaces abounded and traditional customs and rituals were the order of the day. Because of its rich cultural heritage and deep-rooted traditions, Rajasthan exhibits a story at every turn. This grandeur is replicated in The Maharajas’ Express, a work of art that is a joy to behold.
  • All Things Modern: While it is true that the world’s best train, The Maharajas’ Express manages to keep India’s culture and traditions alive, it is also very modern in terms of amenities. Because when it comes to travelling aboard The Maharajas’ Express, comfort is paramount. The train comprises four kinds of accommodation i.e. deluxe cabin, suite, junior suite and the ultra luxurious presidential suite. All the cabins are well-equipped with a range of modern amenities such as wi-fi, LCD TVs, telephone, DVD player, electronic safety lockers and toiletries in the washrooms.
  • All Things Luxurious: Dripping luxury through every pore, The Maharajas’ Express has often been touted as the ‘Leading Luxury Train of the World’. And for good measure because the train has been designed to offer tourists an escape into a elite world of exclusivity, indulgence and extravagance. The epitome of luxury on The Maharajas’ Express is the presidential suite or Navratna, which is a one-of-a-kind suite on a train in the world. Inspired from the sleeping chambers of India’s royal gentry, this deluxe suite on wheels is adorned with ornate furnishings and modern fixtures. The world’s best luxury train also encompasses two gorgeously decorated formal restaurants called Rang Mahal and Mayur Mahal that are perfect for candlelight dinners and champagne breakfasts. Adding to the theme of celebrations and festivities are two swanky lounge bars named Rajah Club and Safari Bar that are dedicated spaces for fun and relaxation. The off-board excursions and hotel stays included in the itinerary also match up to the grandeur of this extraordinary train.
  • All Things Magical: If you are worried that the minute you step down from the world’s most luxurious train, the fairy tale will come to an end then you’re underestimating the worlds top luxury train. With a meticulously planned itinerary that includes visits to larger-than-life palaces, formidable forts, exciting biodiversity hubs, well-preserved museums, great expanses of deserts and distinguished heritage sites, this journey is truly magical. The cherry on top is an eclectic mix of cultural activities such as dance performances and musical shows that will leave you in awe of the local artists. The list goes on. Another unbelievable facet of this tour is that it can be booked even with a limited budget. The train tickets are currently available with a collection of exciting offers and promotional deals that are up for grabs.

*The above details/itinerary/destination are subject to change. Please refer The Maharajas’ Express’s official website i.e.  for more information