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Luxury Train Staycations & Fine Dining Journeys: An Ode to The Maharajas’ Express

Gorgeous luxury rooms, fine-dining restaurants, relaxing lounges and soothing countryside views, you can find all this and more not only at India’s most lavish hotels but also on a train. As the pace of our lives becomes increasingly frenetic, leaving little room to unwind, a trend for ‘slow travel’ is slowly but surely emerging. Holidays that use slow modes of transport and are more focused on wellness, rejuvenation and offer off-the-grid offerings are increasingly in demand. Being one of the most romantic and leisurely modes of travel, a stunning rail journey can be a rewarding way to see the world and revel in the joy of a glorious melting sunrise or be inspired by an artist’s labour of love. The Maharajas’ Express presents the loveliest of train journeys not only in the country but in the whole wide world by taking guests on an experience that is mesmerising, dream-like, every inch dipped in elegance & charm and inspired from the life and time of yesteryear Indian royalties.

Luxurious Stays: The train’s twenty three (23) exquisite coaches boast antique-style charisma. The larger-than-life train encomapsses five (5) Deluxe Suite cars, six (6) Junior Suite cars, two (2) suite cars and an exclusive Presidential Suite car.  While all accommodation options are luxury personified and equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, The Maharajas’ Express presidential suite or ‘Navratna’ is the crowning jewel of this half a mile long train. Spread over a cabin area of 448 square feet, it features a beautiful living room, two swanky en-suite bedrooms and an exclusive round-the-clock personalised valet service. Each train carriage is under the diligent care of a butler who is on hand to assist the guests in everything, from laying out their tux to working the LCD TV.


Fine Dining On Rails: Every Maharajas’ Express guest is treated to fine dining menus, excellent wines and refreshing tea and coffee served at two of the train’s glamorous restaurants. Named Rang Mahal and Mayur Mahal, both restaurants are bedecked with opulent interiors and elegant tapestry, giving them an irresistible nostalgic charm. Indulging in decadent comfort food from India as well as international cuisine infuses the perfect flavour of luxury to this delightful journey. The grand train also has separate bar and lounge cars namely the Rajah Club and Safari Bar. These are dedicated spaces for rejuvenation and watching the world go by without having a care in the world. The Maharajas’ Express also features a high-end onboard boutique named Sandouk in case guests need to shop for holiday mementos and souvenirs for friends and family back home.

The Maharajas’ Express train journey will become an integral part of your holiday experience as you will be whisked away to a new destination every day. Destinations that have been painstakingly selected to curate magical moments that offer a cultural experience of India like never before. Allow yourself to disconnect from the stresses of daily life and connect intensely with India’s local places, flavours and culture to return from the holidays refreshed and recharged. Browse through Maharajas’ Express train website here to take a look at The Maharajas’ Express plush interior and give colour to your royal vacation dreams! For a more realistic experience, you can also check the train’s virtual tours and exclusive videos here.