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Luxury Tourism in India- A Grand Expedition with The Maharajas’

All those who wander are not lost, and you will not be lost either, as you set out to explore India, the ‘land of diversities’.

Diversity Defines India

A major tourist destination in the world and a globetrotter’s ‘first love’, India has plenty to offer to its visitors. From snow-white mountains to golden beaches, from serene backwaters to splendid waterfalls, from marble headstones to red forts, from holy cathedrals to sacred temples, from pristine palaces to colossal caverns, from urban cityscapes to tribal handworks- the list is an unending one. The country is known for its historical, topographical and ethnic diversity which sets it apart from other nations in the world. Each place has a story to tell, each relic has a history to repeat, each culture has something new to offer.

The Chronicler of Ancient Past

The past may now seem like the waning glory of the setting sun. Yet, the ancient ruins offer a final vestige to the bygone era. The doors to the past are always open, all you have to do is take a tour! Just like the curio shops which vainly flaunt the dainty objet d’art from different cultures, India is the silent torchbearer of imperial regimes and colonial governance. Its rich heritage attracts tourists from all across the globe. Indeed, the country is a treasure-trove.

God’s Own Country- In the real sense

If one did view India as a ‘femme fatal’ or some beguiling enchantress, he was sure to fall for her mysteries and find himself drawn to ‘her’ like a moth to a flame. Well, we are not kidding!

India is not just the land of mystic snake-charmers; it is much more than that. It epitomises beauty in every form and shape, be it man-made or simply God’s gift to us. North, south, east, west- each and every corner of the Indian subcontinent narrates a unique tale to its travellers. All the more so, with luxury holidays in India setting the trend for a new kind of tourism. The credit goes to luxury trains that let you embark on an epic journey across the country.

Luxury on Wheels

India’s rapid climb up the economic ladder is manifested in its world-class tourism infrastructure and the prominent players in the hospitality industry. The global nomads now get a rare glimpse of “Incredible India” through different cultural experiences fused in one unique journey. It is a historic journey of the modern milieu which believes in gracious hospitality, that too in a regal style! This eclectic mélange of traditions and customs is typical to a country like India and can be found nowhere else in the world.

Gone are the days when foreign tourists would feel inhibited to explore the realms of vast lands without a proper guide. With the Maharajas’ Express, Indian tourism has attained a new high. Well crafted itineraries offered by Maharajas’ Express, cover the key tourist destinations in North, South and West India. Taj Mahal, Ajanta Caves, Fatehpur Sikri, Red Fort, Khajuraho Temple, Gwalior Fort, Amber Fort, Rumi Darwaza, Mysore Palace, Se Cathedral, and Stone Chariot are among the few places covered by the Maharajas’.

Luxury tourism reached its crescendo in the year 2010 when the Maharajas’ Express was first launched. It seemed to be an apt repartee addressed to the Orient Express of the West. Ever since its inception, the Maharajas Express has won the hearts of travel connoisseurs. The spacious cabins and amenities onboard give you a feeling of home away from home. The palatial cuisines satiate your appetite and the fine reserves of world-class liquor make way for the commemoration of a royal journey.