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Lucknow- Savor the Taste of Awadh, Soak in the Brilliance of Kathak

Lucknow provides a unique experience to its tourists, its splendid lands boasts of a rich history in Kathak and the city is famous for its Lucknow Gharana.

Read on to know more about the marvelous city of Lucknow.

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Indian heritage gives vibrance to its picturesque lands and the iridescence of our culture is borrowed from various ethnicities. Along with various ethnicities, we are blessed with a plethora of traditions, languages, and festivals. Our monuments reflect the pot-pourri of cultures that has been appreciated by various scholars, tourists, and philosophers since the beginning of time. The indigenous folk dances of our country have gained popularity worldwide and have become synonymous with Indian art.

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Kathak is one the eight forms of Indian classical dance and its origins can be found in various parts of Uttar Pradesh. Archaically, it was performed by a tribe called kathakars or story-tellers but over the years, it has gained popularity in all parts of India. The ancient art form of Kathak combines nritya with abhinaya, the former is for elegance and gracefulness while the latter is for intricate expressions. Through kathak, dancers usually narrate mythological stories and folktales and the dance not only requires quaint yet agile movements but also artistic expressions.

On the basis of stylistic movements, there are famously four fraternities or gharanas all over India which specialize in the erstwhile art form of Kathak. Lucknow gharana is widely appreciated and is famous for its natural poise. The ancient gharana was formed in the court of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah in the 19th century. Even Mughals left their own impression on Kathak and added distinctive features to it. During this time, Kathak evolved but at the same time, Kathak dancers also became synonymous with courtesans. The dance is known for its alluring footwork that complements the rhythmic melody of a tabla or a pakhawaj.

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Lucknow gharana is revered for the remarkable expression of its dancers and is currently being headed by its leading exponent, Birju Maharaja. Apart from the aesthetic dance , the city of Lucknow is also famous for its lip-smacking Awadhi cuisines. Food lovers from far ends travel to this exquisite city for the savory tunda kebabs. Even the famous kebabs have originated under the Mughal rule and Haji Murad Ali, a one-handed cook, is credited for the creation of this delectable dish which is a delightful combination of over 160 spices.

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