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Lucknow, a City synonymous with Nawabi Culture


“Luknow is the aristocratic city of the nawab. It still resounds with the reminiscence of the royal heritage and luxurious life of the nawabs. It is a mosaic of ancient mansions, magnificent Imambaras, narrow lanes and the unique cultural ethos of the Nawabs, which echo the bygone grandeur of the city. The essence of the nawabi culture is embedded in the fabric of life with the Kathak dances and Awadhi cuisine that characterize the city.

From the inception of the nawabi era , which began with nawab Assafuddaulah in1775, Lucknow has witnessed the splendour and flamboyance of every nawab who came to rule the city. The heavily ornamented gateway of the Rumi Darwaza and the extravagance of the Bara Imambara stand testimony to the architectural brilliance of the Nawabs. The nawabs of Lucknow established a new statement of architecture that makes for the citys rich legacy. The city is known for their active participation in socio cultural activities which wins it the name City of Tehzeeb or etiquette. This is evident in its present day residents.

The Indian panorama itinerary includes a mesmerizing visit to Lucknow. The morning visit to the city by the Maharajas Express Rail is riveting. The guests enjoy a sumptuous breakfast on board the train and then visit the Bara Imambara, chota Imambara , Rumi Darwaza and Residency. The passengers will return to the maharajas’ express for an elegant lunch. En route they have the option of visiting a local store for Chikankari, the famous embroidery that has originated from Lucknow. In the evening there is dinner at the residence of the Raja of Jehangirabad.

The passengers leave with bagfuls of happy memories and anecdotes of this gracious city.”