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Leisure in Lavishness in Luxurious Lounges of Maharajas’ Express

The following blog talks about the magnificent lounges and bar cars of Maharajas’ Express, world’s leading luxury train.

Traveling the lands of India has been a wish of many. Since the ancient times, philosophers and poets have spoken immensely about the topographical as well as the cultural heritage of India. Maharajas’ Express was started with the motto of fulfilling the desires of many such travelers with utmost opulence.

The half-a-mile long train is designed with a unique panache and has been made to resemble the royal suites of erstwhile emperors or Maharajas. The train tours to various leading tourist spots of the country and its amicable staff work to make the journey a memorable affair. Maharajas has five different itineraries and each one is a luxurious quest for ethereal Indian heritage. The five journey routes are available in 8 days and 4 days format and in all the routes the Golden triangle of India, Agra, Jaipur and Delhi, is included. In Agra, one can spot the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the iconic monument of love, Taj Mahal and in Jaipur, one can be charmed by the rich history and iridescence while Delhi is the national capital.

The train has been intricately designed; decorated with various ethnic paintings and elaborate patterns on wall roofs. Every small need of a guest has been kept in mind and one gets everything varying from a personal safe to an individual temperature controller. Along with a set of 43 cabins and suites, the train also has two thematic restaurants- Rang Mahal and Mayur Mahal which serve the global as well as traditional dishes.

Maharajas’ Express’ plush lounge and bar cars are its main attractions. These have been included specifically for the royal leisure of our esteemed guests. The two bars are called-

Safari Bar- Safari Bar has the perfect ambiance to break the ice with co-passengers over a round of drinks. You indulge with the finest of brands in our upgraded house pour menu. One can savor the wines of finest of labels or reclaim the moment while sipping on a beer or refresh your sense with a special cocktail. For those who wish to spend some quality time with their family can rejoice over various board games and a collection of books are also available for the avid readers.

Rajah Club- The Rajah Club is nothing short of a royal lounge with posh and comfortable furniture. It is an ideal place to relax onboard after a splendid day of exploring and sight-seeing. Even in Rajah Club, guests can unwind with a drink or two or interact with their co-passengers. In this palatial lounge you can also buy a souvenir to preserve these moments with Maharajas’; from Sandouk- our souvenir kiosk.

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