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Khajuraho – Symbol of Art and Spirituality


Situated in Madhya Pradesh, Khajuraho is among the most sought-after tourist destinations in India. Built in 950-1050 AD, it is well known for ancient temples (made by Chandela Dynasty), depicting various forms of art, such as spiritual teachings, meditation, wrestling, and erotic art. Comprising of a huge number of Jain and Hindu temples, Khajuraho is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you or your beloved are an art lover, then visit Khajuraho with Maharajas’ Express to witness the sculptures and admire the magnificent Indian architecture at the time of Chandelas.

In the past, Khajuraho had around 85 Hindu temples; however, at present only 22 Hindu temples are left. It is believed that at the medieval period every Chandela king has built one temple in his lifespan. Therefore, owing to the tradition of building a temple followed by Chandela dynasty, these temples came into existence.

Owing to wall sculptures, these temples are extremely popular in the world. The sculptures depict everyday life, celestial beings, and divine figures. As per the geographical location, the temples have been divided into three groups – Southern, Western, and Eastern. The Western is the most visited group of temples. Kandriya Mahadev Temple, Lakshmana Temple, and Matangeshwara Temple are some of the famous temples in Western group. In addition, Chitragupta, Lakshmi, Jagadambi and Varaha are a few more alluring temples in the Western group. The intricate, expressive, and beautiful sculptures of these temples will leave you astonished.

In 1150 AD, when Chandela dynasty fall, the Khajuraho temples was destructed by Muslim invaders and people left the place in a hope that doing so will save the temples from getting destructed. Thereafter, from 13th to 18th century, the temples remain covered in forests and became a mystery. Then, in the 18th century, they got re-discovered by T.S Burt, a British army captain.

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