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7 Things that Make a Maharajas’ Express Journey the Most Luxurious of Indian Holidays

An authentic “Indian holiday” will make you fall in love with the country, its colourful traditions and ever-smiling people. There are many Indian luxury vacations but only one train in the country has won the award of the ‘world’s leading luxury train’ not just once but seven times. So, if you’re looking for the ultimate “luxury holiday in India”, hop on the Maharajas’ Express as you embark on a priceless journey of a lifetime. But before you do that, let’s take a look at seven unique things that make this train so extraordinarily special.

  1. Navratna: Nothing spells luxury quite like the lavish presidential suite on The Maharajas’ Express that has been aptly named ‘navratna’ or ‘nine precious gems’. This one-of-a-kind suite consists of an elaborately decorated living room where you can lounge comfortably along with two gorgeous bedrooms with attached washrooms. Travelling on The Maharajas’ Express is a treat in itself but travelling in the Navratna is the epitome of luxury and indulgence. Want to know more about this spectacular suite? Click here.
  2. Rang Mahal: This ‘Palace of Colours’ is the perfect place to enjoy a heartwarming meal with your travel companion. Adorned with a unique fresco ceiling, the restaurant’s tastefully crafted design and warm ambience will make all your lunches and dinners aboard The Maharajas’ Express a beautiful experience.
  3. Mayur Mahal: Named after India’s national bird, the majestic peacock, this fine-dining restaurant will treat you to an elaborate range of Indian and international cuisines. Start your day with a decadent breakfast while you admire the beautiful interiors of the train and get ready to explore the beauty of India. With The Maharajas’ Express, you get an Indian luxury holiday like never before!
  4. Rajah Club: Exuding a warm and playful vibe, it is ideal for some fun-filled evenings. Of course, you can order your favourite drink here and revel in the merry atmosphere aboard The Maharajas’ Express.
  5. Safari Bar: Want to play an interesting board game in the evening or just sit with a book in hand? The Safari Bar should be your go-to place. Colourful festive event or an important corporate meeting, the Safari Bar can be easily transformed according to your needs. A thematic bar, it is well-stocked with the finest of Indian liquors so that you can unwind after a long day of exciting excursions and a whole lot of sightseeing. If you want to know more about this bar and lounge, you can check this
  6. Personal Butler Service: We know that you’re perfectly capable of looking after yourself. But wouldn’t it be amazing if whenever you need something, all you have to do is ask. Well, at The Maharajas’ Express, we believe in spoiling our guests to bits and this is why all the cabins have a personal butler who will assist you throughout the train ride. After all, an “Indian luxury vacation” should be enjoyed like an Indian prince!
  7. The Journeys: The Maharajas’ Express runs on four different circuits and while all of them are centred around Rajasthan, each one is unique in its own way. The itineraries are named, ‘Heritage of India’, ‘Treasures of India’, ‘The Indian Panorama’ and ‘The Indian Splendour’. Depending on your interest, you may choose a journey accordingly but we can tell you that no matter which itinerary you pick, your experience will be priceless. Because no one does an “Indian luxury vacation” better than The Maharajas’ Express. To know more about these four itineraries, you can visit this

“Indian holidays” are all about heritage sites, rich food and a world of indulgence. For a truly authentic experience, choose The Maharajas’ Express and you will have the most memorable luxury holiday in India. Bookings for the upcoming season are now open so hurry and rediscover your love for travel!