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5 Incredible India Experiences You Can Enjoy on The Maharajas’ Express Tour
  • June 10, 2020

5 Incredible India Experiences You Can Enjoy on The Maharajas’ Express Tour

Over the years, incredible India has emerged as one of the richest and most diverse countries in terms of culture and heritage. India’s strength lies in what is unique about her, that is what the world wants to discover. If you want to go on an incredible India vacation to gather priceless memories and extraordinary experiences, then a journey on the world-famous and uber luxurious ‘Maharajas’ Express’ is in order. No journey captures the heritage of India or brings together some of its most defining moments the way The Maharajas’ Express does. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these 5 incredible India moments that have been curated especially for the royal guests of The Maharajas’ Express.

  1. Gazing at TajMahal: No matter how many times you have seen it in pictures or how many articles you have read reinstating its beauty, no experience comes close to witnessing the grandeur of TajMahal in real life. Walking up to this red sandstone structure, making your way through the picturesque gardens and finally laying your eyes on the white mausoleum that is one of the most beautiful structures in the world, is a surreal experience. An experience that is as true to incredible India as the monument itself. But there is more to the magical city of Agra than just TajMahal. If you want to discover the best of Agra tourism and explore some of its best kept secrets, you have to read this blog.
  2. Meandering in the Rajasthan Desert: The picture postcard of India can never be complete without an image of the expansive desert of Rajasthan. True, no traveller can never get enough of Rajasthan as it delivers true to its promise. It is the most popular tourist state in the country for a reason. Ethereal palaces and formidable forts, exuberant festivals, time-honoured customs and authentic traditions, colourful turbans and magnificent wildlife, the scenes of captivating beauty of Rajasthan will be forever etched in your memory. The true heritage of India can be found in every nook and corner of this glorious state.
  3. Attending to your spiritual needs in Varanasi: The spiritual and religious fervour of India is what imparts the country a distinct character. The evening aarti performed at the Ghats of holy river Ganga in Varanasi is a shining beacon of devotion, bliss and divinity that encapsulates incredible India. The lightening up of multi-tiered ceremonial lamps, the well-practised and synchronized chanting of mantras, the piercing sound of the conch shells along with the purifying aroma of incense sticks is a heady mix culminating in a goose-bump inducing experience.
  4. Catching a glimpse of a tiger in the wild: Ferocious, powerful and swift, the royal Bengal tiger of India is indeed a majestic creature of the wild. India and tigers are ubiquitous and there was a time when over 1 lac tigers could be found prowling in the country’s green jungles. While this number has staggered phenomenally, there are still a few dedicated tiger reserves in the country where you can admire these wild beasts in their natural habitat. One such reserve is the Ranthambore National Park &TIger Reserve near SawaiMadhopur in Rajasthan. An adventurous game drive through its sparse lands will give you the perfect opportunity to spot an elusive tiger alongside a multitude of other rare species.
  5. Enjoying a boat ride: Although it is South India that is synonymous with breathtaking backwaters and awe-inspiring seas, Rajasthan too has a little haven for nature and water lovers- Udaipur, ‘The city of lakes’. Often touted as the crown jewel of Rajasthan, it is surrounded by beautiful Aravalli hills in all directions and nestled within its boundaries are 8 serene lakes that add an idyllic charm to this ancient city. A quiet evening spent on the magical waters of Lake Pichola will fill your nature-lovers’ heart with joy and contentment and give you opportunities enough to rekindle your romance for nature.

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