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4 Reasons Why Heritage Trains in India Like The Maharajas’ Express are The Next Big Thing in Tourism
  • March 10, 2021

4 Reasons Why Heritage Trains in India Like The Maharajas’ Express are The Next Big Thing in Tourism

The world will never be the same again but our quest to quench the wanderlust in a post-Covid world will take us to places that are safe and hospitable. With the tourism industry evolving itself to suit contemporary needs, heritage trains in India may become more popular than ever before. As we shift towards experience-driven travel and wellness-focused stays, tailor-made heritage train tours like that offered by the Maharajas’ Express will be just what the tourists want. After being inside their homes for way too long, people would want to discover new places, landscapes, cultures, cuisines, activities and reconnect with nature. All of which is possible by stepping aboard the exclusive luxury train, The Maharajas’ Express.

  • Incredible India under One Roof: Presenting a kaleidoscopic view of India, the Maharajas’ Express journey reflects the diversity of the culture and heritage of India. From authentic Indian cuisine to performances by folk artists, from shopping trips in local markets to excursions to historic sites, every fascinating aspect of the country is brought together in a single train trip. The train’s decor and the intricate details in design are also in line with India’s age-old traditions and architectural legacy. Undoubtedly, The Maharajas’ Express is a microcosm of royal India.
  • Slow & Steady for The Win: Living in a fast-paced world, we try to escape home and the hearth for a little while in order to catch a break. But some itineraries are so crowded with activities throughout the day that travellers get little respite. The Maharajas’ Express journey brings back the joy of slow travel in our lives with its melancholy pace. As the royal train gently chugs aways from one gem of India to another, guests can explore each destination in an unhurried manner and even indulge in sightseeing of nearby locations. While the train doesn’t race to cover as much ground as possible, the selection of destinations ensures that guests get only the best of the best.
  • It’s All About Luxury and Leisure: Giving the esteemed guests the most memorable experience with a side of comfort remains the driving force behind The Maharajas’ Express journey. Apart from taking proper care of the cabins and serving best-in-class meals, the train experience has lots more to offer. Making all the guests feel like kings and queens from a golden era gone by, the sojourn includes exclusive experiences like royal teas, golf games, champagne breakfasts, spa sessions and camel cart rides to name a few. When travelling with The Maharajas’ Express, guests can avail services of their personal valet onboard, butlers, tour guides, language guides, paramedics and other staff to make their journey as comfortable as possible.
  • A World of Your Own: The Covid-19 pandemic has made more wary of crowds than ever before. Travelling on a train as exclusive as The Maharajas’ Express, one can indulge in the privilege of having a dedicated space for oneself. Whether it is the train’s cabins or restaurants, there is ample space to maintain distance from others and travel inside a cocoon of safety and comfort with your companion. Even while exploring different Indian treasures, guests need not worry about their safety as all the precautions and protocols will be in place throughout the tour.

Keeping the priceless heritage of India alive and throbbing, The Maharajas’ Express is more than just an ordinary train, it is a celebration of incredible India. In a post-Covid world, heritage trains in India will continue to thrive by offering tourists just what they need, a royal haven with timeless treasures.

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