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Gulabo Sapera’s Performance Enhances the Indian Flavor

  • Wednesday, 18November, 2015

Maharajas’ Express, world’s leading luxury train, provides its guests with some ethnic Indian flavor in Jaipur. The guests entertained themselves with an enthralling performance of Kalibelia by Gulabo Sapera and her troupe. The following blog also talks about the other sites which the guests saw.gulabo

Maharajas’ Express, world’s leading luxury train, ensures that its valuable guests soak in every bit of Indian essence and provides them with an enthralling odyssey through the picturesque parts of India. The magnificent train exhibits the vast and diverse Indian heritage and gives the tourists from different parts of the globe, the rich Indian flavor.

Maharajas’ Express offers a unique experience to guests by making them witness the iridescent Indian culture. The luxurious train offers five pan-Indian journeys, namely- The Heritage of India, Gems of India, The Indian Panorama, The Treasures of India and The Indian Splendour. All of these journeys offer exquisite itineraries and allow the tourists to unravel the majestic Indian history and be acquainted with the ancient culture of this beautiful country.

All the itineraries visit the gorgeous Pink City. In vast and magnificent lawns of City Palace, Jaipur, the tourists get to witness a captivating performance of the traditional Rajasthani folk dance, Kalbelia.

Kalbelia dance has its roots embedded deep inside the Indian history. The famous dance form was created by the ancient nomadic tribe, Kalbelia. The members of this tribe were traditionally snake charmers and were known for revering the black cobra. Over the years, they have become extremely famous for their sensuous dance which is performed by men as well as women of the tribe on joyful occasions.

gulabo dance

To ensure that the guests experience the riveting Indian culture, a Kalibelia performance is arranged in the palatial lawns of City Palace, Jaipur. One of the main attractions of the performance is the eminent dancer, Gulabo Sapera who has been honored by the Indian President’s award and is known all over the country for her graceful performances. She has also been an icon for many and Indian populace not only admires her for her dancing skills but also for her meteoric rise which didn’t come easy for Sapera. She initially had a tough life and was even buried alive by her family just after an hour of birth but things gradually changed and since then Gulabo has been impressing tourists as well as locals with her mesmerizing skills. Because of her fervid passion for the folk dance, she has also been the topic of interest for French authors; “Gulabi Sapera, danseuse gitane du Rajasthan” which means “Gulabo, the gypsy dancer from Rajasthan” is a French biography written by Thierry Robin and Véronique Guillien and vividly describes the journey of Gulabo from being a native of distant village to being a national icon.

Guests enjoy the engrossing performance along with fine dining and splendid beverages and Maharajas’ Express ensures that the guests are provided luxury coupled with glory of Indian culture. This unique experience will continue to shine in the conscience of our esteemed guests who left the Pink City with smiles and pleasant memories.