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Gulabo An Eminent Performer of Kalbelia Dance

gulabo“Gulabo popularly known as Gulabo Sapera is an eminent folk dancer of Rajasthan, who was born and brought up in a traditional family of nomadic tribe or snake charmers. Associated with Rajasthan traditional folk dance Kalbelia, she has become synonymous with this form of dance. In the span of her 30 years of career, she has been felicitated with several accolades and honors such as Sangeet Natak Academy Award, President’s Award, Rajasthan Gaurav Award, Woman of the year 2008.

Life for this eminent dancer was not at all easy. Hailing from a nomadic Kalbelia tribe of Rajasthan, she used to accompany her father while he went out to beg. She used to dance to the tune of been the wooden instrument of the snake charmer but later on started performing on stage. Things changed for her when she was spotted by the official of the tourism department, who spotted her performing in the Pushkar Mela in 1981. After this incident she rose to popularity, as she started getting opportunity to showcase and prove her talent. It is all due to Gulabo that Kalbelia dance has become a Rajasthan exclusive.

Dancers performing Kalbelia dance attired in traditional long black skirts embroidered with silver ribbons. They dance to the notes of the been the wooden instrument of the snake charmer. The zestful display of their movements, where they spin in a circle and their body moves acrobatically to the enchanting tune of musical instruments is a visual delight to the eyes. This dance is usually performed during any big festival or during cultural dance program all across the world.

Gulabo has taken Kalbelia to new heights, as today this dance form is not only renowned in India but is popular all over the world. The worldwide popularity of this dance form along with the sincere effort of Gulabo have made Kalbelia find place on UNESCOs representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. In order to safeguard the cultural heritage of UNESCO, the inter-governmental committee has accepted Kalbelia on its list. Her contribution has made her a significant part of International culture and music circuit along with jazz bands.

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