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Golden Triangle India Tour Package

How to book golden triangle tour of India with a Maharajas’ Express package

Undeniably one of the most important tourist routes in the country, the golden triangle tour of India will capture your finest imagination and transport you to a scintillating world of Mughals and maharajas. But if the journey is so fine, your mode of transport should be no less! Doing complete justice to this extraordinary circuit is a luxury train like no other, The Maharajas’ Express, a train synonymous with decadent luxury and understated wealth. A coveted winner of the ‘world’s leading luxury train’ award for 7 times in a row, this beauty is a glorious palace on wheels complete with plush carpets and rich interiors. The golden triangle tour of India covers the best of Mughal and Rajput architecture from the magical Amber Fort in Jaipur to the world-famous Taj Mahal in Agra. If you’re ready to get your hands on the golden triangle tour of India package, then here’s what you have to do.

To begin with, visit the official Maharajas’ Express website and click on ‘book now’. The website will display its ‘reserve your tour’ page where you have to select the package tour from among 4 choices: ‘The Heritage of India’, ‘Treasure of India’, ‘The Indian Panorama’ and ‘The Indian Splendour.’ After this choose a suitable departure date and the number of cabins you want to book. Once you complete this step, select cabin type, number of adults and number of children if any. Then you need to go through ‘reserve your tour terms’ thoroughly and select a currency of choice for payment. If you’re an existing IRCTC user, then you can log in to your account with your current username and password. If not, then you can select the ‘guest user login’ and enter your email ID and mobile number to sign in. Once this step is done, you can choose a suitable payment mode to complete your booking. After this final step, all the tour details will be shared with you shortly over an email. Just a few simple steps and you can be on your way to the most resplendent journey of your life!

All the four journeys onboard The Maharajas’ Express cover the golden triangle circuit so you can choose an itinerary as per your liking. This journey is so beautiful that it is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on all those who undertake it. What can be better than exploring the mystery of the regal era in a royal style! Capturing the essence of the royal era of India, The Maharajas’ Express train is a complete delight. From elaborate gourmet meals to comfortable bedrooms to exquisite wines to opulent clubs, this journey offers everything you’ve ever wanted and more. Recreating the extravagant lifestyle of India’s glorious royal families, it is your escape into a world of fantasy, splendour, grandeur and decadence. From uniformed butlers to a warm welcome, the train’s hospitality will strike a cord in your heart! You can get a glimpse of what the journey holds for you at the departure point itself where you’ll be greeted with fresh flower garlands, an auspicious tikka and a refreshing drink. If you’re ready to book the ultimate journey of your lifetime, then 2020-21 bookings are open. Just follow the steps mentioned previously to book your golden triangle tour from Delhi. If you want more information about the golden triangle tour of India and other packages aboard The Maharajas’ Express, you can visit You can also take a look at the offers being run currently and you may find a surprise waiting for you there! Cheers to the joy of travelling and the romance of the rails.