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Glorious Gwalior at a Glance

India tourismIndian luxury holidays include various ancient and famous cities, and Gwalior is one such destination. The city is famous for its old world charm, along with a rapidly transforming modern environment. There are a number of famous monuments in the city. Mughals, who at one time ruled Gwalior, were the creators of the world-famous Taj Mahal, and the well-known Gwalior Fort, was at one time their royal prison.

While visiting the city, you should definitely take a guided tour of the Gwalior Fort. The architecture of this fort is amazing. The fort includes two main palaces  Man Mandir and Gurjari Mahal. The feel of the place is such that it offers some unique experiences, especially when you visit the spot where they used to hang prisoners. While being on this Indian holiday, you will be reminded of some of your old history lessons.

The sound and light show at the fort, at night time, is one of the main attractions of the fort. And watching it should be a ‘must-do’ in every traveler’s agenda. Colorful lights playing around re-create events in the fort’s history. Audiences have a specific seating area, and the sounds and lights, along with a beautiful narration, bring the fort to life.

Other popular monuments in Gwalior include the gigantic Jain sculptures that have been carved into the rocks. They are located along the cliff-face of the fort. This masterpiece proves how Gwalior was at one point or another home to different religions. Jain, Hindu and Muslim practitioners are equally prominent in Gwalior’s history and culture.

Another architectural wonder that should not be missed while taking this luxury journey in India, is the Jai Villas Palace. According to the history of the palace, it was built by prisoners who were captured and kept in the Gwalior fort. Along with a diverse mix of old and new pieces, it has the largest known carpet in Asia, which has also been created by convict labor, over a period of 12 years. Another most talked about antique in the palace museum is a small train model that has tracks going around a large table. The train was meant to pass guests food from one part of the table to another. Ridiculously extravagant, and yet a practical method of hospitality.

So, make sure that you visit these fascinating places in Gwalior and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. Gwalior tour luxury train is a good way of traveling to this city.”