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  • January 20, 2018

Get Plunged In Effulgence By Stopping Over At This Pleasingly Regal Crystal Gallery

This exuberant and superlatively splendid collection of Crystal Gallery sited-in the Udaipur City Palace comprises of beds, tables, sofas, chairs, etc. made entirely of crystal.

The Crystal Gallery is a hub of extremely rare crystals which were ordered by His Highness Maharana Sajjan Singh from the firm F & C Osler & Co. of Britain in the year of 1877. However, the Maharana of Udaipur died an untimely death even before the arrival; therefore, effectively blocking the access to the items which were ordered causing this chapter of history to remain closed for the next 110 years! It was only in the year 1987 that the lost collection of the crystals ordered by Maharana Sajjan Singh were rediscovered and the items were unboxed for the first time.

From the moment of making an entrance this grand Gallery one gets a tinge of feel of what kingly life is like! Even the lavatories of this regal galleria can with no trouble Durbar hall of the City Palace are an added aesthetic piece of conception in itself.

The unpacking of the rare collection ordered by Maharana Sajjan Singh could only happen in the year 1987 when the package was accidentally revealed! The rare collection of chairs, sofas, and other furniture etc. are royally embossed with the signature Indo-Saracenic aestheticism! Everything, be it a spoon in the cutlery section to the majestic king-sized divan; everything was custom-made to demonstrate the splendor and sense of discernment of the grandeur of Mewar kingdom. From beds, crockery, candle stands, perfume bottles, decanter, tray, goblet, washing bowl, sofa set, table, dining table… everything is at its magnificent best-in-class giving an openhearted impression thus enticing the visitors as per the ancient Indian tradition of Atithi Devo Bhava!

So if you wish to time-travel of this piece of royal dispensation and reconnoiter this mesmerizing Crystal Gallery with a lavish stay, then choose The Indian Splendor or The Heritage of India itinerary of Maharajas’ Express. For bookings, browse here.

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