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Explore Gem of India ‘Rajasthan’ with The Maharajas’ Express

Whether you are a culture vulture, history buff, avid traveller or adrenaline junkie, the gem of India, Rajasthan, is one state that never disappoints. It is the state where you can keep going back for more and discover something new and priceless each time! In this land of extremes, wherein the days are bright and chaotic and the nights silent and chilly, you can create your own real life adventure and script your travel memoir. If you want to immerse yourself into the labyrinth of Indian culture and tourism, then you need to book a gems of India tour on The Maharajas’ Express. On this luxury train, we bring you an incredible India vacation like no other. A vacation in which you will travel to the royal heart of India, Rajasthan, feeling like a royal yourself.

The Maharajas’ Express Journey

On the world’s leading luxury train, you will get a chance to explore iconic destinations, captivating monuments and an alluring landscape of the incredible Rajasthan & beyond. In just 7 days and 6 nights you will be able to capture the essence of Rajasthan by not only visiting its boutique palaces and regal forts but also the muddy lanes and humble homes of its rural counterparts. On the one hand you will be offered the carpeted luxury of the train’s exquisitely decorated bedrooms, on the other you will also get a chance to saunter into the bustling local bazaars where smiling faces of turban-wearing men and veiled women will make you feel welcome. So, you can witness the true colours of Rajasthan’s culture even as you travel in the height of luxury. Here’s a list of activities that will steal your heart as you traverse the gem of India, Rajasthan.

  • Standing in awe of royal forts and palaces like Amer Fort, Mehrangarh Fort & City Palace
  • Going wildlife watching at a national park
  • Shopping for souvenirs in age-old yet colourful bazaars
  • Taking a romantic boat ride on a scenic lake
  • Exploring rural villages and take the road less travelled
  • Enjoying a barbecue in the middle of Thar desert
  • Watching spectacular cultural performances
  • Dining at some of the most exquisite & royal places

While we make sure that your outdoor experience of Rajasthan is nothing short of magical, our dedicated staff will look after all your needs while you are relaxing & unwinding on the train. If you are an enthusiastic traveller, you must be aware that there are several different ways to explore the beauty of incredible India and incredible Rajasthan. You could take a road trip to all the famous tourist destinations or even fly to Jaipur and then explore Rajasthan at your ease. So, what makes the Maharajas’ Express journey a class apart? Well, it is the train experience that is unparalleled. Imagine living in a presidential suite that has a gorgeous living room, 2 immaculate bedrooms and bathrooms and an exclusive 24 hours personal valet, gives a panoramic view of the ever changing scenery outside that too on the rails. Sounds like an unattainable royal dream, doesn’t it? The Maharajas’ Express has been designed like a royal palace of Rajasthan so that whenever you step aboard, you feel like nothing less than royalty. To ensure that you get the ultimate incredible India experience, four different itineraries have been created by our team, with each being special on its own. Want to know about these itineraries and special features of the train in detail? Read this blog. To explore the gem of India and embark on a magical train journey, book your passage aboard The Maharajas’ Express here