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Fatehpur Sikri A Finest Example of Architectural Splendour

sikri“Fatehpur Sikri, a magnificent fortified ancient city, is just thirty-seven kilometres from Agra predominantly built in Red Sandstone. Built on a rocky plateau during 1571 to 1585 period, it bears exceptional testimony to the Mughal civilization. This city was built by Emperor Akbar in the honour of Sheikh Salim Chisti, a Sufi saint and Muslim astrologer, who blessed the emperor with an heir. The city was beautifully planned with care by Akbar but the city had to be abandoned after fifteen years due to the scarcity of water in the town. Fatehpur Sikri or the City of Victory was the capital of Mughal Empire. Although this city remained untouched for some 400 years but still it palaces remind the extravagance of the Mughals.

Fatehpur Sikri is bounded by a 6 km wall on three sides and comprised of palaces, public buildings, mosques and is pierced by seven gates. All the palaces and temples built inside are in a uniform architectural style. Fatehpur Sikri is the finest examples of architectural magnificence that has culmination of both Hindu and Muslim architecture. Most of the old structures of this deserted city have been retained due to the efforts of the Archaeological department. Though the city is not in its best of its state but it is a must visit for the tourists who have come to Agra, as they should spend some time here and cherish the sunset over the ruins.

Some of the prime attractions of Fatehpur Sikri include:

Buland Darwaza – Towering to a height of 54 meters, Buland Darwaza is the largest gateway in the world. Fine blend of Persian and Mughal architecture, this gateway was constructed in the year 1575 in order to celebrate Emperor Akbar’s success in conquering Gujarat.

Panch Mahal – This five-storey building is among the most fascinating buildings of Fatehpur Sikri that was constructed to provide shelter to the royal ladies and mistresses. The top most storey of the building renders a panoramic view of the nearby areas.

Diwan-i-am Diwan-i-am or the Hall of Public is the gateway to the royal palace, which was also used for public prayer and celebrations. This public hall is encircled by a series of porticoes that are fragmented by the insertion of the imperial box, where Akbar along with his ministers and officers meted out justice.

Diwan-i-khaas The Hall of Private Audience or Diwan-i-khaas is a vital part of the majestic complex having superbly engraved huge pillar in the center. A platform in the middle of the hall is attached to the pillar that was the seat of the king and the diagonal galleries were the seat of the ministers and aristocrats who visited for entertainment.

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