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5 Extraordinary Experiences on Rajasthan Luxury Train, The Maharajas’ Express

“When all else fails, take a vacation.” -Betty Williams 

Honeymoon vacation or anniversary celebration, there isn’t a journey better to reignite the flames of love than The Maharajas’ Express. The ultimate luxury travel experience, Maharajas’ Express team spares no expense when it comes to pampering their guests and making their holiday a treasure trove of priceless memories. This unique palace on wheels courses through various parts of Rajasthan and brings together the diverse flavours of the region in one phenomenal tour. Even though this thrilling journey can be enjoyed by all and sundry, some experiences on this Rajasthan luxury train are curated especially for tourists seeking something out of the ordinary. Take a look. 

  • Forest Trail: Escape to the wild with your travel partner and find bliss in the lap of nature. The game drive at Ranthambore National Park is equal parts exciting and refreshing. Whether you want to enjoy a quiet walk in the greenery with your companion or embark on a mission to spot the elusive tiger in its natural habitat, an evening in the solitude of nature will surely be an evening to remember. 
  • Candle-lit Dinner: Take your dinner date to the next level by partaking in a scrumptious meal on one of Rajasthan special train’s exclusive fine-dining restaurants, Mayur Mahal and Rang Mahal. The twinkling city lights in the distance, the slow chugging pace of the train, the intimate seating of two, the sparkling silverware and champagne, the assortment of delicious delicacies spread on the table and the warm yet elegant interiors of the restaurant will make this dinner date unlike any you’ve ever had! 
  • Walk Down History: From legendary tales of princely valour to the inspiring stories of ill-fated lovers, India’s historic monuments echo innumerable sagas of love and might. Unravel these fascinating tales and turn the pages of history at iconic destinations like Amer Fort, Junagarh Fort, Mehrangarh Fort and more. This Rajasthan luxury train will take you back to the golden age of Indian history, a fantastical world where the royal lifestyle thrived with a world full of magic, mystique, grandeur and charm.
  • Breakfast in Bed: Always wanted to spoil your loved ones by bringing them breakfast in bed but never got the time? Seize the perfect opportunity on The Maharajas’ Express Rajasthan and ask your personal valet to set up a satisfying breakfast in your comfortable train cabin. As the sun streaks the sky with the glorious shades of orange, you can sip on a cup of aromatic Indian chai and feel blessed with the love of your life. 
  • Palace Visit: Live your fairytale and capture it forever with a snapshot of you and your soulmate against the backdrop of a stunning monument of love, the Taj Mahal. A setting we can’t get enough of, there is nothing more satisfying than exploring the unique views and mesmerising details of this ‘teardrop on the face of eternity.’ Post picture-perfect memories to let your Instagram feed become the envy of all your friends and this journey be archived forever!

Thought this was all? The Maharajas’ Express journey is crafted to please you beyond your wildest imagination. Picture barbeques against melting golden sunsets, boat rides on crystal-clear waters, walking tours through iconic landmarks, exploration of centuries old bazaars and more. While some of these activities may depend on the particular itinerary you pick, one thing remains the same: a dreamy escape this shimmering palace on wheels, Rajasthan or Rajasthan Luxury Train promises. To become a part of this surreal experience and avail exciting promo offers valid for Indian Nationals & others, complete bookings on Rajasthan royal train.