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Experience These Regal Giants at Close Quarters with Maharajas’ Express Journeys

A rendezvous with nature while riding on a tusker’s back is perhaps something that you’ve always wanted to experience. Maharajas’ Express transports you to a different world as you interact with these gentle giants and create delightful memories.

Heritage Train Tours

Elephants have been associated with man for ages. They have been used by kings to fight battles and also as a means of transportation. They have played a crucial role in making history. In today’s times these majestic creatures are a source of power in forestry operations and play an important role in the tourism of India. They are ideal for exploring inaccessible places and difficult terrains where other vehicles are not able to venture.

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Riding on an elephant’s back is a very special way of experiencing an Indian destination. A ride with these beautiful animals gives you a never-before perspective of breathtaking landscapes or thrilling encounters in the wildlife. Elephant rides in India are a truly unique experience that cannot be replicated with any other mode of travel. People interested in photography have an amazing time and get a fantastic souvenir of their journey.

With their extraordinary journeys, Maharajas’ Express luxury train offers exclusive ways of interacting with these gentle giants with various elephant activities included in their itineraries. Adding such incredible experiences to the itineraries adds a new dimension to the luxury vacation, which you are sure to cherish for a long time.

All the five journeys of Maharajas’ Express makes its guests indulge in activities with elephants in Jaipur, where they can paint them, feed them and take splendid rides around the stunning City Palace/Jai Mahal Palace. The highlights of this tour is decorating these wonderful animals with traditional painted patterns, after which they effortlessly take visitors around the magnificent palace. Under the open skies, undisturbed by the mechanical roar of a vehicle, the rhythmic sound of an elephant’s feet gives the ride moments of pure pleasure and peace. Such interactions with elephants are beautiful experiences and guests are encouraged to spend as much time with them as possible