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Experience Africa in the Alluring Gujarat with Maharajas’ Express

India’s real beauty lies in its diversity and the following blog talks about the Siddi community and the lesser known dance form of Gujarat i.e. Dhamal Dance. Tourists who are pining to explore the local lands of India should definitely be on Maharajas’ Express, a celebrated name in luxury Indian holidays.

The majestic land of India is synonymous with variety and perfectly portrays diversity amid harmony. Almost every state of India holds spectacular sights of beauty and celebrates cultural variation. Various ethnicities have embraced our lands and in turn we have been blessed with a plethora of cuisines, architectural marvels and symphonies of various dialects and languages.

The variation of festivities in India is globally known, each state has its unique dance form but there are seldom known dance forms like Dhamal Dance. Dhamal Dance is an energetic expression of joy by tribals of Gujarat. Dhamal Dance belongs to Bharoch region of Gujarat and is performed by Siddi community to celebrate a successful hunting expedition. Interestingly, Siddi community comprises of Africans who came along Portuguese and the community celebrates the joy in its own unique way; male dancers sing in African Swahii language and dance with fierce facial expressions to the beats of Dhol which they call Dhamal; hence the name Dhamal Dance. Dancers often throw a coconut up high in the air and crack them using their heads to celebrate; the eclectic dance also involves walking on ignited coal rocks and lots of acrobatic moves.

Indian tourism has been on a continual growth and such indigenous communities add to the charm of tourists’ odysseys; Maharajas’ Express, the world’s leading luxury train, is by far the most luxury way to journey through the mesmerizing lands of India. The palatial train has been awarded with various laurels and has carved a niche for itself in the field of luxury tourism by winning World Travel Awards for four times in a row.

Maharajas’ Express routes include the leading tourist places of the country and also include the lesser explored places such as the land of Balasinor, the state that was founded in the 18th century by the Babi dynasty. The charming city of Balasinor is included in one of the five pan-Indian itineraries by Maharajas’, The Indian Splendor. The tour includes an 8 day odyssey on boards of opulent Maharajas’ Express and guests can visit 7 exquisite Indian cities and also experience an astounding performance of Dhamal Dance, which on its way to become a global event.

The luxurious voyage begins from Delhi, the national capital and the first stop is the city that is famous for its architectural marvel, The Taj Mahal, it was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 17th century and brilliantly architected by Ustad Ahamad Lahouri. To get a closer look at the flora and fauna of the country, the tourists get to visit the sprawling greens of Ranthambore, where one can spot the majestic Indian tiger and from there we visit Jaipur, popularly known as the Pink City. Bikaner, Jodhpur, Udaipur and the land of Balasinor is also included in the itinerary.

Maharajas’ Express aims at conjuring memories and acquainting the tourists with boundless beauty and heritage of India. Get to know more about the regal train and its journeys at its official website.