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Enjoy a Hearty Time in the Maharajas’ Express Safari Bar!

Traveling can be a source of spontaneous celebration, with new experiences endowing travelers with more than enough reasons to have some out-of-the-way fun. Aboard the Maharajas’ Express, there are multiple avenues for adding new facets to one’s holiday, with cozy restaurant cars, a resplendent boutique and enticing lounges that beckon guests into their rejuvenating environs.

The two lounges, the Rajah Club and the Safari Bar, are exemplary in the way they are done up with artifacts and regalia. With enduring themes for each lounge car that highlight the concept behind their development, these lounges are epitomes of luxury one can experience while riding the rails!

Since there are multiple in-depth journeys that one can opt for to explore India while ensconced in the comfort of the Maharajas’ Express, some of them a week long, the addition of lounge cars elevates the charm of covering the distances between the cities that are part of the chosen itinerary. Relaxing in them after experiencing the hustle and bustle of Jaipur’s handicraft markets, or after a safari ride in the forests of Ranthambore that are teeming with wildlife, including the majestic tiger, is a highly rejuvenating experience.

Speaking of safaris, the Safari Bar is quite reminiscent of the upscale lounges that are to be found in the upper echelons of the hospitality industry. Tastefully done up in pleasing hues, the easy chairs and plush sofas are perfect for both intimate conversations and boisterous parties with one’s fellow travelers. The assortment of books, board games and beverages lets solitude-seeking guests immerse themselves in their favorite pastimes, which they might not have had much chance to indulge in for ages, given our increasingly smartphone-driven lives.

Meeting new people and exchanging tales over drinks has been a longstanding trait of travelers, and there are few more intriguing places to do so than in a lounge gliding over steel rails!Being unique in its ambience, the Safari Bar adds another aspect of astonishing novelty to one’s travelogue. After all, how often can one say that they were having the time of their lives even as the Indian landscape rushed by at an exhilarating speed outside the window?