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Diverge From The Beaten Path With The Maharajas’ Express

In the hustle and bustle of routine life, taking out a few moments for oneself becomes a rarity. Changing up routine things is one of the foremost reasons why people travel beyond their immediate environs and seek new experiences. And rest assured, there are numerous worthwhile new experiences for travelers who make the excellent choice of participating in one of the Maharajas’ Express incredible journeys.

An important factor that enables The Maharajas’ Express to whisk guests away in luxurious style is the enchanting attention to detail that has been given to the accommodation and amenities that accompany guests throughout their mesmerizing journeys.

Splendid Comforts & Courteous Staff

The exquisite cabins of the Maharajas’ Express provide sanctuaries for guests to recharge themselves in while the palatial train hops from one exotic destination to another!

Take, for example, the Maharajas’ Express Suite, scintillating with adornments that would make royalty feel right at home, with panoramic windows that let you encompass a wide view of the changing terrain that the train passes by.

Or consider the beautifully done-up Junior Suite, for comfort of guests hidden behind the façade of lavishness. The staff accompanying each suite or cabin is highly attentive to the most intricate demands of guests on board the regal train, and cater to little ones’ whims and fancies as well as professional people’s requirements for services like on-board Wi-Fi.

Moving ahead to the Deluxe Cabin, it has a plethora of provisions which make the modern traveler sigh with contentment. Once you are ensconced in such relief, redolent of palaces, you will only want to come out for the excellent off-board activities organized by the Maharajas’ Express management – and perhaps, not even then! Of course, those activities are not to be missed, but no one can blame themselves for wanting to spend more time in the blissful cocoon that is the Deluxe Cabin of the Maharajas’ Express!

Taking things a notch higher is the opulent Presidential Suite, replete with amenities that rival any luxury boutique hotel. Its double room as well as a twin bed room make the journey feel like a cool breeze. Complete with a valet who is at guests’ beck and call, this epitome of luxury accommodation certainly has a unique ‘royal vibe’ going for it, as does the entirety of the Maharajas’ Express, staying true to its regal name!