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Desi Delights Bikaneri Kachoris a Must Try for Every Foodie

“Bikaner , a prominent tourist spot in India also features one of the best cuisines. This blog elaborates on the popular Bikaneri Kachoris.

From forts and palaces to sweets and snacks, Bikaner is famous in many aspects. One of the royal cities in India, Bikaner holds a lot of historical significance. Moreover, it is also an excellent place for one to enjoy a vacation.
Bikaner is a prominent destination in India tourism. It houses some of the well-known monuments in India. These monuments include Kote Gate, Lallgarh Palace, Gajner Palace and Junagarh Fort. Board Maharajas Express Bikaner for a detailed tour to this amazing destination.

Delicious Food in Bikaner

While Bikaner is a common destination for several royal train journeys, it is also a spot for some of the most delicious food items in India. Those who have already enjoyed Bikaneri food consider this cuisine as an exceptionally good one. Not only meals, but Bikaneri snacks are also popular all over India. For instance, a large number of people relish Bikaneri bhujia. This snack is served on numerous occasions. Among the several delicious Bilkaneri food items, Kachoris are the most popular. These are mostly served with mint sauce or coriander chutney.

Bikaneri Kachhoris

Visitors who have come to enjoy their Indian luxury holidays in this royal city certainly cannot miss Bikaneri Kachhoris. An appetizer as well as a main food item, this dish is a favorite of many people. Even the recipe for Bikaneri Kachhori is quite simple, and hence this dish is easy to cook. Following are the major steps involved in preparing this dish:

Flour and baking powder are mixed together to make a small dough, with required quantity of salt added to it.

Yellow moong dal is soaked, ground, fried, powdered and mixed with red chilli powder and garam masala.

The mixture is cooked till it gets dry. Then gram flour is added to it and mixture is stirred for a while. Stuffing for kachhori is now ready.
From the dough prepared earlier, prepare small equally sized balls, stuff the mixture in those and seal their edges.
Fry these balls in slightly hot oil till they are brown.
Bikaner continues to be a prominent tourist spot and thus many people travel to this city in the Worlds luxurious train, Maharajas Express, for an experience unsurpassed.”