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Exploring India’s Royalty, Culture & Tourism through an Enchanting Train Journey


A realm of erstwhile maharajas and their extravagant forts and lavish palaces, Rajasthan is steeped in heroic history, colorful culture and artistic architecture. A hit among tourists all over the world, Rajasthan gained immense recognition due to its unique and rich culture and tourism. One of the most luxurious ways to capture India’s vintage glamour is through an incredible journey on The Maharajas’ Express, a journey that will introduce you to:

  1. Royalty: Step back in time to the golden era of Rajasthan’s history and get mesmerized by the larger than life places that abound the ‘Land of Kings’. Get a chance to visit the grandeur and age-old opulence of extraordinary architectural marvels like Amber Fort, City Palace, Fatehpur Sikri, Taj Mahal, Junagarh Fort, Mehrangarh Fort and the Group of Temples at Khajuraho among others. And what can be better than travelling like royalty in a train that is designed with the sole purpose of providing extraordinary luxury on wheels! Relive the lifestyle of kings and queens that too on the rails, only aboard The Maharajas’ Express!
  2. Culture: From the soothing sounds of its folk music to the energetic and entertaining dance performances, Rajasthan’s culture is a celebration of life at its best! Whether you look at the grand monuments or colourful bazaars that are filled with traditional handicrafts, there is art and culture in every nook and cranny of this vibrant state. A Maharajas’ Express journey captures the soul of Indian culture and tourism by bringing together the old and the new, the royal and the distinct. It is indeed one of the most extraordinary culture tours of India.
  3. Tourism: A kaleidoscope of every hue in nature’s grand palette, Rajasthan with its golden sand, colourful cities and amber sunsets is every traveller’s dream come true. Rajasthan tourism with The Maharajas’ Express encomappses simple moments of joy and enables guests to create unforgettable memories while trodding on the sands of time.

Embark on a soulful journey and let the tales of valour and chivalry told against the backdrop of the golden-sand deserts capture your imagination. Think this can’t get any better? You are in for a surprise! Book a journey aboard The Maharajas’ Express and avail one of these amazing once-in-a-lifetime deals:

  • Special offers for Indian Nationals on Direct/Online booking for the seasons 2020-21, 2021-22 & 2022-23
  1. Promotional Offer for 2N/3D package on all 4 itineraries: Opt for a part journey of 3 days & 2 nights to avail 50% discount on published tariff on a pro rata basis.
  2. Promotional Offer for 6N/7D package on all 3 itineraries: Book the full journey at a discount of 35% on published tariff.

*Terms and conditions apply. This offer is not valid for NRI/PIO/OCI.

  • Special offers for All Nationals for the seasons 2020-21 & 2021-22
  1. One optional tour on two destinations each is complimentary to guests for 6N/7D itinerary OR one optional tour at one destination is complimentary to guests for 3N/4D itinerary.
  2. Language speaking guide but not travelling on train is complimentary to guests coming from non English speaking countries.
  3. Pay for one & your companion pays 50% only.
  4. Free up-gradation from Deluxe to Junior Suite for First 10 cabins subject to availability.

Ready to book your Rajasthan tour and fall in love with its friendly culture and tourism? Get more information about these special offers by clicking here and book your ultimate royal retreat aboard The Maharajas’ Express today!