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Cuisines Offered on the Maharajas’ Express

The Maharajas’ Express is a luxurious train which is owned and operated by Indian Railways and Tourism Cooperation. It has several routes in North India that tourists can undertake for a sumptuous experience.  The train is laden with opulent amenities which make travelling in this imperial train worthwhile. Indian Maharajas Express Holiday is top choice of people who are looking to undertake luxurious journey.

When you are boarding the Maharajas’ express you will be greeted by uniformed staff, live Indian classical music, flower garlands and refreshments. A valet will escort you to your suite and give you a short brief about your trip. They won’t stop there as everything on Indian Maharaja Holiday Rail from laundry, morning tea, arrangement of reservations will be made by them.

Each train car is beautifully decorated with colors that epitomize India and evoke memories of the country’s rich past. There are two restaurants onboard with royal interiors that provide an overwhelming dining experience. Mayur Mahal gets its name from peacock and is adorned in shades of turquoise and blue. It has fine gilt touches and richness of dark wood. The second restaurant is Rang Mahal a plush orange and red room with ornate woodwork and colorful mural paintings. Both the restaurants are indispensable to “Indian Maharaja Holiday Rail” as they offer a huge variety of dishes and plenty of cuisines.

Available dishes are keema samosa, fish tikka, chicken seekh kabab, mutton seekh kabab, Paneer sashlik, fish Amritsari, vegetable seekh kabab, chicken tikka, chicken satay, chicken teriyaki, smoked salmon, chicken noodle soup, tamatar dhania, shorbha, carrot and cilantro soup, mulligatawny soup, apple and courgette soup, and many more.

Apart from wholehearted dining in deluxe restaurants tourists on “Indian Maharajas Express Holiday” can relax in beautiful lounges namely ‘The Rajah Club’ and ‘Safari Bar’. On the train beer, wine and house blend spirits are served in these two lounges who want to relax in their room. However, travelers can also relax in the two lounges on the sofa with a magazine or on the high bar deck sipping their drink.