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Capital New Delhi Tour

delhi-india-5“Gracious New Delhi is the capital of India built by the British. Old Delhi was the capital of Islamic India. This multidimensional metropolis can be confounding for the first time visitor. Captivating gems embellish this fascinating city. It is more than the sum of elements it is made up of ancient mountains, imposing museums, a vibrant and vivid Performing Arts scene and some of the most delectable places to eat in the country.

Delhi encompasses two contrasting worlds, the old and the new both presenting refreshingly different experiences. Travellers may immerse themselves in the dramatic history of the red fort or the Jama Masjid and the tapestry of the medieval bazaars of old Delhi or they can browse through the shopping center at Connaught Place that has a wealth of experiences to offer.

A number of Delhi’s rulers had two avatars as creator and destroyer and the city was destroyed and rebuilt a number of times. The reins of power of the City kept shifting from one ruler to another from Hindu Kings to Muslim Sultans. In the year 1803 AD, the city fell under British rule and in 1911 , it became the capital of British India. The New Delhi designed by Lutyens is gracious with wide open roads, imposing buildings and sun kissed avenues that entice the modern traveller.

Four of the five splendid itineraries offered by the Maharajas rail India embark at the capital New Delhi. The exception is the Heritage of India which starts at Mumbai.”