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Bishnoi Village Safari An Insight into Rich Culture and Tradition of Rajasthan

Jodhpur-Khimsar“The state of Rajasthan in India is a renowned tourist attraction and the reason behind its popularity is its rich heritage along with amazing and unique culture. Tourists who wish to have a glimpse of the rich cultural heritage of India will surely enjoy the trip of Bishnoi Village that rightly showcases the strong age-old traditions along with the opulent culture. Situated at a distance of just 22 km from Jodhpur, Bishnoi Village safari provides a sneak peek into the amazing cultural life of Marwar.

Bishnoi is a tribal group belonging to Hindu sect, who follows the teaching of Jambeshwar, a sage and religious reformer. Around Jodhpur there are many small villages of Bishnoi communities, who are still living the life as the earlier days. These communities of embroiders, weavers, camel-herders and potters are acclaimed all over for their religious beliefs. Bishnoi tribal are staunch worshiper of Lord Vishnu and are very keen to protect plants and animal species and make every effort to conserve the environment. They even offer prayers to green trees and animals that are found in the area.

Bishnoi village of Jodhpur is a kind of desert oasis and a perfect place to peep into the traditions and customs of tribal life. This village is scenic, marked with Khejri trees and deer. Guda Bishnoi Lake is another attraction of this village, which is a perfect picnic spot. Around this lake, several migratory birds like blackbucks, chinkaras and domicile cranes can be observed, as this lake is a drinking point for these birds. This village is a must visit for the tourists, who are interested in exotic wild life and nature.

Bishnoi village safari was started by Rajas and Maharaja’s of Jodhpur to provide a glimpse of rich cultural life around the state of Marwar to Indian as well as foreign guests. If anyone wishes to experience the tribal India then Bishnoi Village safari around Jodhpur is the tour to explore. Maharajas Express, the most luxurious train of the world, covers this historic and amazing safari tour of Bishnoi village in its two itineraries, Indian Splendour and Heritage of India. Tourists planning a trip in either of these itineraries must definitely explore this cultural rich village. “